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I've had problems adding comment on the proper events page, IT defeats me, so have cut, pasted and edited.

I really just wanted to say that I am going to this hugely important meeting. It is a Public planning "consultation" on plans to change the use of St Anns Hospital -  site to sell off 2/3rds of it for Housing. ALL without checking what services we actually need. Did you know that life expectancy figures drop as you go further east in the borough? 

Do you want an improved hospital with an Urgent Care Centre,more GPs, and a Child Health Centre? Have your say.

Please come: Chestnuts Community Centre 280 St Anns Road N15 5BN  at 7oopm

Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust hold this NHS land "on our behalf."

Plans:  http://www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk/portal/servlets/Applica...

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As I commented on the event page, this must be just about the least publicised meeting of the year.

7pm on what day? Today?

Event listing here.

Yes. today. Hope you can make it.

they will do the usual, make out some consultation, then sell off what they can get away with, when you consider how most residents will not have the time or inclination to go over all the planning, steam rollering as per usual, its as corrupt as it gets living under a Condem Government and an apathetic political society or not even necessary apathetic but over worked paying for the overpriced rents in the area, no question St Anns requires developement but not at a price of losing public land, in fact must be made more open and available for use of all the community, considering that it is public/common land. The police station ideal for a community centre, just saying..., will be at the meeting, grrrrr.... like I'm not tired enough caring for neighbours in spare time, I think its called care in the community, presently 3 every day to deal with, if i was paid, i could afford to pay the rent ffs! rant over.... keep em poor, that way no time to be aware of sell offs to the private sector, it is a National Health not a Private Sell Off, what a bunch of Condems we have at the mo.

Hi, Did you go? A friend didn't because she knew not contain her anger. Proved what a farce "consultation" is.  Such a gap between rosy-tinted plans/pics and what is needed. 

Did you go Johnson? Anything you can share about what was said? Sadly with the notice available, I couldn't attend.

How was the meeting? I would have liked to go along but have only heard about it now. Can someone give some feedback who went. Cheers. 

HaringeyNeeds St Annes Hospital (HaNSAH) will write a report and post it here. In essence it raised more questions than it answered. There was confusion from council about actually when the planning deadline. There were some really powerful speakers from the floor, personal experience and facts  - about lack of mental health care facilities, as well as beds, things like therapy;no s The alarming drop in numbers of social workers in the borough; young families being priced out of area .All grim stuff which the council HAS to listen to and respond to. There was some local coverage: 

There were more questions than answers at the packed but ultimately frustrating  St Anns “Consultation” meeting on 16 July.

There was lots of passionate and concerned questioning  from members of public and hospital users  about health,the housing on the site , the impact on local schools etc countered   by  bland, bureaucratic  or evasive answers from the  BEH/Planning  bureaucrats!

Im from a Haringey Needs St Anns Hospital  group so I will concentrate on health. We  would welcome other comments about what you felt about this “consultation”meeting.

 People there wanted to know what evidence was used to show that the site was surplus to  requirements in an area of high health inequalities. Why there was no new services like an Urgent care centre or a much needed GP surgery included in the plans to counter these inequalities?

 What planning for health has been made for the future?.Why weren’t the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)who control  the financing of local services there to answer questions ? If mental health is already oversubscribed as a patient reported why aren’t more acute wards being built and much needed recovery house places made available? BEH said that if services like a GPs surgery was needed there was space there –though they might have to knock down a building to construct that. That’s like saying if we get more  patients at our A&E in future  we’ll bolt on more wards to the Department!

The much trumpeted modern en suite facilities in mental health were not as important to a patient as access to a therapist and  her concerns  about the future.

There appeared a very “not me guv” approach from BEH. They could only put the small amount of services on the site because that’s the only money thats available from selling off  Our NHS  land for  housing with no guarantee of how much  will be so called “affordable”. Its all the Councils  or the CCG s responsibility. That’s not good enough when there are obvious health needs in the Borough especially with 10,0000 new homes being built in East Haringey.

So we are calling for the Council/BEH/the CCG to do a Health Needs Assessment-a health check- before this  plan goes through .

What You Can Do    Even though the consultation officially closes in 2 days time (!) -who was informed ?–you can object but  as soon as possible but at least by 1 August 2014  to the Planning Sub Committe  who decide on St. Anns Future.  If you want better hospital facilities  at St Anns  have your say !  


Plans are at http://www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk/portal/servlets/Applica...

Under “the New St Anns DAS” pdfs
And Objection are made via at   http://haringey.gov.uk/application_comments

Hansah information  on           www.facebook.com/HaringeyNeedsStAnnsHospital
                                                 Email: haringeyneedsstannshospital@gmail.com.

The deadline to respond was extended to Nov 18th, but I believe that legally the council must accept objections up until committee, which is not unusual. I'll qualify point this with the council.

Thanks that will be really useful. HANSAH has a petition which can still be circulated: We call for a halt to the plans to sell off NHS land at St Ann's Ho...



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