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Hi everyone,

I am interested in getting in touch with someone who might be able to advise me on where / how I might get a stained glass window made up for my house on the ladder. Most of the houses on my road (Warham) have the numbered stained glass panels, ours however, seems to have been replaced.

I would also be interested in getting some smaller windows made up in a similar fashion for the front door.

Any help would be great!

Many thanks in advance,

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Anyone who responds to this might get a double-whammy, because I would also be interested in the same thing!
I would also be really keen on getting our glass replaced...

I found this company when we re-did our place in finsbury park years ago and have used ever since for all my door glazing needs!
They are on blackstock road about 5 mins from finsbury park. I last used them about a year ago so hope they are still going. Can't recommend highly enough.
Here's a Crouch End-based option.

If there are three of you, you should definitely leverage that bargaining power.
Am guessing you will get the same people as bradbury links to original features and vice versa!
Or anyone who is a bit crafty could have a go themselves. Lead and Light in Camden do some great courses. I did one (years back) and really enjoyed it.
I like the idea of getting all three of us in together, bit of group discount never goes a miss!
Another possibility is Paul Rocca, an artist who does stained glass panels amongst other things. He is currently rebuilding his website so I can't direct you there but you can contact him on paul.rocca@ntlworld.com or on 07860102216. He is based in Potters Bar.



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