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A fox just trotted alongside all the way home. Barbara Woodhouse could not have trained him better. He left me at the front gate, which was a bit of a relief as I'm not looking for a pet. 

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Unfunny posting title (can i say that ?)
Whilst tidying up the garden the other day I must have had your fox watching me for a good 5 mins. Stalker no, but voyeur yes.

He's looking for a friend, T!

The ease with which foxes live alongside us never ceases to amaze me. It's almost as if some design of creation assigned the dog family a role as our companion.

 Family Canidae.


There's a link between fox, dog & wolf, though it's further back than I thought.


Heresy ! The world was created 6000 years ago. Including foxes.
Oh Pam, try not to be so slapdash. Accuracy matters. Both Archbishop Ussher of Armagh and Sir John Lightfoot of Cambridge agree that it was created at least 6006yrs 10mths 3wks & 3dys ago. On Sunday, 23rd October at (acc to Lightfoot) 9am. Adam & Eve fell on Monday, 10th November - though why it took them a whole 18 days to taste the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge is still a mystery. Though of course we lost our Eleven days since Ussher's and Lightfoot's time. Anyway Matt, no mention of foxes.



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