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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Steam train at Harringay station, Sun 17 Nov about 0925, first time since August

Weather forecast dry as of Thursday, passing time family-friendly.

The locomotive is apple-green Mayflower, hauling a tour to York from Ealing Broadway (not Kings Cross as originally planned).   The tour uses the Gospel Oak- Barking line before switching to the East Coast Main Line just before Harringay, so it will appear at low speed on the single-track curve by the south end of Harringay station platform 2 (north-bound).

Live times here. Tour operator details here

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Thank you very much for posting this, my kids will love seeing such a train and I'd never have known about it otherwise.

Hi Gordon, thanks for posting. Does that mean you can see it from the bridge on Oakfield Road?

Not without steps, I reckon. The parapet is too high and the short sections of fence either end have the view blocked by shrubs. The least worst is at the north-west corner of the bridge but you're almost vertically above the train as it takes the lead-in to the curve.

Here it is on Streetview [approximate link] and bearing in mind the camera's mounted well above adult head height....

Would the view from Lancaster Road Bridge be better? I recall there is more fencing and a reasonable view onto the track, especially for smaller people.

A bit better, though you'll only see it momentarily as it comes out of the tunnel travelling east towards Harringay and there will be steam obscuring the view.  A much better view local to Lancaster Rd would be from platform 1 of Crouch Hill station (check that's OK with station staff). Or Harringay station as above.

Looks like it's stopping at Alexandra Palace - if I'm reading your link right- at 09.31. Sunday morning forecast is dry...

Yes it will, on platform 3. I don't know how high the fence is on platform 2 but that aside, it'll give the best view. Just hope the non-stopping Thameslink train at 0930 1/2 isn't running late.

Btw I passed the Oakfield Rd bridge today - totally not on, too much vegetation grown everywhere since Streetview in March, and parapet plus grille far too high.

IMO best place is south end of the down platform at Harringay - seeing Mayflower snort up the chord from the Goblin will be most agreeable.

As long as a 717 doesn’t get in the way...

Mayflower 0925, 717 0929. Umm.  

Yes saw that earlier but hoped no one would notice 

Maybe AP from the off then...

Well, that was fun  Thanks Gordon for alerting us to it!

Thanks Gordon T - made my kids morning today! Beautiful train!



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