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This elderly white and black/brown Jack Russell terrier called Mask has been reported as stolen from outside Whittington Hospital (Magdela Avenue entrance) on Saturday 19th October. He is microchipped. Scarring on one front foot, by toes.

He was secured to a mobility scooter when he was taken. (Evidence on hospital CCTV. Crime ref number 2726943-19). The dog was wearing a camouflage dog coat.

The dog's owner is disabled and is distraught. His dog has been his constant companion for 17 years. The owner was visiting his ill father in hospital.

Owner says - if you find Mask, please take him to any vets and say you found him wandering. Owner just wants him home safe please.

Details on Dog Lost

Update - Found on 21st October in Waltham Forest and safely back home with owner.

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This is terrible. What kind of person does something like that. I really hope they manage to find the dog and reunite him with his owner!

Horrible and hope dogs is found safe BUT I see people leaving the dogs all the time tied up to something and left alone and this should never be done.

You take your dog for a walk, make it a dog walk and keep your dog safe with you at all times.

When you are running errands - leave your dog safely at home.

In an ideal world this is very true and I preach it all the time. But sometimes life can be difficult and complicated. This guy was on an emmergency visit to his dying father. I sincerely hope that he is re united with his lifelong pal.

Of course I hope the dog is found safe and well.

It is just so terribly unfortunate people do not simply leave their dogs at home and keep them safe this way.

The dog was wearing a distinctive camouflage coat when stolen.

That is really great news.


Thanks for letting us know Anka - what a relief!!!



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