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The incinerator (largest in Europe) is getting rebuilt and will lock the whole of North London for 30+ years of burning resources, pushing further extraction, diverting efforts away from waste prevention, emitting huge quantities of greenhouse gases and massively polluting the air of surrounding communities. 

Please sign the petition:petition.parliament.uk/petitions/244480

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Good idea. Let's send all our waste to some faraway third-world country. 

A long tome sgo I went to a public open day at the present incinerator and learned that waste is recycled into electricity which is fed back into the national grid.  Also that the emissions are filtered until they were ten times lower than the regulatory standards at the time.

I have no doubt that the professional scientists working on this are fully committed to generating the best possible outcomes for our planet. Upgrading the incinerator will improve greatly on current standards.  Yes it no doubt causes pollution but is certainly the lesser evil than landfill or sending it abroad. 

If you really care about the environment put proper effort in to try to reducing the waste you generate.

Air quality impact

It is proposed that the plant would use a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system to convert emissions of nitrogen oxides from the plant into nitrogen and water.

According to the NLWA, daily emissions from the plant are expected to be in the region of 10-25 microgrammes per cubic metre (ugm3) for nitrogen oxides, 10 ugm3 for carbon monoxide and 1 ugm3 for dust.

The current EU Industrial Emissions Directive limits these emissions to 200 ug3, 50 ugm3 and 10 ugm3 respectively.

A health impact assessment accompanying the consultation states that although there could be a small increase in heavy goods vehicles to and from the new plant, there is “not likely to be any significant residual impacts associated with air quality”.

However, the assessment carried out by consultants Arup states:

“Even small increases in air emissions, particularly in an area with existing high levels of air pollution, can have effects on, for example, children who make up a high proportion of the population and can be particularly susceptible.”

Nevethetheless, it adds: “The potential adverse health effects of the air pollution generated by the project, other on-site equipment and associated HGV and motor vehicle traffic is likely to be small.”

I think a lot of people don't realise that this is where most of the waste from your grey wheelie bin ends up if you live in north London - very little of it is sent to landfill now.

Replacing the 1970s incinerator with a cleaner and more efficient facility seems to be the way to go, unless somebody can come up with a better way to deal with 1600 tons of rubbish generated every day.



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