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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Just heard Street Feast are coming to Wood Green from this weekend. 

Great news 


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If you can work out where it going to be! Wrong address on their website map link?

N22 6ZT. Just near the dump I think...

Their City Mapper link takes you to Silsoe Road. Their website says "sun-trap yard on the old Olympia Industrial Estate". So that matches.

They also say "We’ve got six traders, five bars". So it seems to have slimmed down since Shoreditch days. 

I think they ave several venues now, with Shoreditch still being one (Dinerama) 

Okay, thanks. So this is just a provincial offshoot.

Can you do a streetview link pls coz I see nuffink but ugly brick bldgs on the very short Silsoe Rd? Just intrigued, busy elsewhere this wkd.

They've converted a warehouse apparently so bricks is all you're likely to see:


Silsoe Road is at the end of Brook Road, which is off Mayes Road.

This is great news. Hope it does well. 

this is fantastic news!

Seems Haringey Council aren't helping:

He goes on to tweet - "I am so sick of this stupid game. We will invest over £500,000 in a brilliant new amenity for the community, create at least 30 new jobs for younger Londoners and support many more through the small businesses that trade with us." &  "We’ll open for the next two weekends anyway but on TENs (the temporary event notices used by churches and schools for their fetes and things). If we don’t get the reasonable licence we need, we will close after a few weekends and take our new street food arena elsewhere."

This is highly disappointing and frustrating. The area is crying out for something like this, and, as he points out, it's hardly invasive or disruptive of the local area. 



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