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Just heard Street Feast are coming to Wood Green from this weekend. 

Great news 


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Are the council actively trying to accommodate Streetfeast Zena? Or just trying to create barriers? Interested in your view...as once they’re gone, they’re gone by the sounds of it. 

We’ve only heard one side of the story (his). Can we wait to pass judgement after more is known?

Agreed. Hence why I said I'd be interested to hear Zena's view on all this.

I struggle to see why Harringay wouldn't encourage something like this in the area and so I'm intrigued if the council are trying to work with them.

Unfortunately if you look on Twitter and (I guess here), its very hard to get any kind of response to gauge that second side of the story. 

Zena rather than wait for him to contact you would it be possible to please be proactive and reach out to him to possibly mediate?

For someone to walk away from a 450k investment in our community leaves residents wondering if the area will ever have a chance of improving, when he leaves he won't be coming back.


Agreed. Zena, there is clear appetite for this venue to exist - it's not clear what gets in the way of granting whatever license it is that the venue requires. Restaurants in very close proximity (or even adjacent to) properties up and down Green Lanes are granted licenses. These establishments cause air, and noise and plain old street pollution, in addition to inviting a lot of passing trade that adds little value to the wellbeing of our borough. 

Surely Street Feast can't be as bad???

Does the Council have someone responsible for economic development (ie. Attracting and retaining new employers)?

It's not just Street Feast that will be lost. Its also the boost to the local economy that visitors from nicer parts of London would bring. Local taxi firms and all the tiny corner stores would get a little boost from the additional visitors to what is otherwise a pretty remote site. 

Useless council officers not held to account by useless councillors. As already stated Zena could try being proactive about this but alas proactive is not in this councils vocab.

Cabinet member for regeneration (including economic development) is Charles Adje. Wonder if he is aware of this

Where are the nicer parts of London??
After it's left? I'd love to know the council's side of the story, this has been going on since it opened and the council haven't said anything (nor publicly supported it as far as I've seen either?)

Has Haringey council ever done anything right ?

He's tweeted this evening confirming next weekend's will be the last and they're pulling out. Apparently he is waiting for legal advice before going into details, but blame is being laid squarely at Haringey's door.

Agree with the disappointing lack of proactive outreach from you Zena, particularly given that you're directly @mentioned in several of the tweets, without engaging at all.



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