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The next general election seems a long way away, but when the time comes, many people are in for a big surprise. If you live in Stroud Green, you may find you are no longer part of Hornsey and Wood Green constituency, but Instead are part of Tottenham.

So why are we talking about it right now?

Because now you can still do something about it, by responding to the Boundary Commission consultation, in 3 simple steps,  by the 5th of December 2011 (Links at the bottom)

But before you do, take a quick look at what is happening and what rules the Boundary Commission will follow when considering representations from the public.

Watch a short video explaining it 




https://www.youtube.com/GreenN8TV where we talked to Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green and Stroud Green Councillors Katherine Reece and Richard Wilson and discuss what would be the implications of such a change for local residents. We also asked people living in Stroud Green ward how they feel about the proposed change.

We also asked David Lammy MP for Tottenham, for his views and comments, but sadly have not heard back from him to this day. Is this a sign of things to come if the unthinkable happen?

For more info on how to respond to the consultation go to http://www.greenn8.org


Anyone interested in this topic

SGRA has organised a public meeting

Harringay Stroud Green Library

7:00 this evening.

you are all invited!

They have been trying hard with not a lot of success to find someone from the labour group to come and participate in the debate... The official line the labour group is putting out, is that this is not a political issue...


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Interesting to see that 'tottenham lane' circles round the top of the horsey and Stroud green area, suggesting that little area should indeed be welcomed under the tottenham banner - it's almost as if it's providing a very well and aptly labelled boundary line....

Come on, you know you want to...

Nice idea, but not accurate - Stroud Green ends on Weston Park road and not on tottenham Lane...

Fantastic. I will write to the Boundary Commission recommending that they go ahead with this.

I've made my comments - my only reservation being that they should perhaps go further in breaking down the East -West split.

Surely Stroud Green has far more in common (e.g. a shared library and overland station) with the Ladder etc than with Wood Green!?

@WB  It's the house prices.. silly


What's Tottenham worth? 50, 000 less ?

Yes I did wonder what was really at work here...! I would think the N15 discount is at least that. Maybe double!

Not to mention higher car insurance...

Yeah well, you know us Tottenham lot we'll nick anything if it ain't glued down, even whole areas. Soz. Much love x

This seems like a country wide efficiency savings programme brought in to reduce MP numbers paid for by the public purse..

Quite sensible I think considering the current local authority cuts.

Why should the amount of MPs and even Ward Councillors not be reduced over time to reflect
the minimum number we can afford to keep salaried and or paying expenses for.

Also perhaps a change in constituency boundaries will make each seat fair game?

It's not wall being built by the way, so cultural facilities and sense of community will still be where you find it now :)

@Simon - you don't seriously believe what you've just written? Just repeating Government propaganda won't do..

Every Government, of whatever persuasion, tries to gerrymander in order to keep 'jobs for the boys' - Someone, somewhere obviously thinks that there are few more 'willing' in the Stroud Green' area and that that could possibly tip the balance against the incumbent ...  Those in the said area are no doubt dead upset about being turned into Tottenhamites -

I love telling people that I'm proud that I grew up in Tottenham.. It's what made me !

I can still even talk like it -

Of course they are! I find it amusing that it's caused such heartache... I just thought I would apply the same logic to the issue that I'm faced with personally in the public sector facing possible redundancy due to saving efficiencies! 

I was laughing as I typed it and meant it tongue in cheek!! I guess that didn't come across but cut me some slack it's only my 3rd or 4th post ;)

And I'm also a proud product of Tottenham too :)




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