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Hi , this excited message is from Tim part of the team behind Big Green Bookshop who has been working hard with lots of other people poss incl. some on HO to start another bookshop with similar values. The All Good Bookshop Co-operative. Hope it is ok to post , I suppose it is like an advert but an independent community Bookshop is sorely lacking this side of the railway. Hugh, Liz can they somehow be officially liked to this group? I will get Tim’s permission first but would like to post his email so others can get involved or at least order books.  Thanks

Hi everyone,

I, Tim am writing this from inside our brand new shop after picking up the keys today. I’m excited, but I’m hiding it well.

Okay, both of those are lies. I’m not in the shop right now (as we don’t have anything in it just yet) and I’m really not hiding how exciting this is.

So, here are the headlines:

1 – We have the keys to a new shop in our new home in the Blue House Yard in Wood Green!

2 – We’ll be opening on Tuesday next week. We’re going to do an official launch soon, but we’ll be open and (theoretically) have books in the shop by Tuesday.

3 – If you want to order books, you can reply to this email or tweet us at @allgoodbookshop with what you want, and then come and pick them up!

4 – This isn’t the end of the story either… (see below)

The Blue House Yard is awesome – it’s full of creatives and artists and small shops selling things like clothes, dolls, zero-waste goods and it has a double-decker bus that is a board-game café/bar with cakes and sandwiches. We’ll tell you more about them in future newsletters, but it’s going to be very exciting. We’re also talking to them about possibly running some of our groups in the Blue House itself – we’ll let you know how that goes!
What’s to come

While we’re going to be in the Blue Yard for at least 6 months (and hopefully much longer), we’re still looking for a larger, more permanent venue. We’ve had a couple fall through at the last minute (and have been messed around a bit, which has been annoying and I’ve not even tried to hide that well), but we’re still very actively hunting.
If we do finalise another venue, our hope is to run BOTH SHOPS at the same time. We’re going to start doing some fundraising soon – we’ll tell you how you can help.

We’ll have another newsletter soon with all the info, but we couldn’t wait to tell you the main news now.
So, hey… WANT TO BUY A BOOK? You can order by replying to this email, or just come to the shop next week!

Thanks everyone.
Tim and the All Good Co-Operative.
Copyright © 2019 Wood Green Bookshop Project, All rights reserved.

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Congratulations and great news. I'll be sure to check it out in the near future. 



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