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After a number of recent threads on here about the miserable state of our streets, a few of us are planning a neighbourhood meeting on the subject.

When: Sunday, August 19, at 11am
Where: Beans and Barley on Green Lanes

The objective of the group is ... well, we'll find out, if anyone turns up! But based on  discussions here on the site it will be to clear up the borough, with the ambition that doing so might deter future flytippers and result in longterm changes.

I dunno, but we might:

  • Designate an autumn clean-up period
  • Organise groups of volunteers to litter-pick in Harringay - in the ward itself and other wards, depending on who turns up.
  • Try to find strategies to spread the word, before, during and after the event.
  • Work on a strategy such that we're not just doing the council's job for it, but inspiring it to greater things.

Er, somehow.

By the way, this is separate from the recent post here  - which is a great thing, but this is more about volunteering and community action.

The more people comment here on this forum, the less nebulous this will all be when we meet.  And I have an immediate question. Does anyone know what to do with any rubbish that is collected?

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Just poked my nose in B&B wasn’t sure who to turn to...

Oh no got busy keeping the little one entertained and completely forgot! Sorry



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