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Hi all

Reporting more by way of local intelligence than anything else, especially as this sort of thing actually seems to be quite a frequent occurence.

This morning around 9:30AM I saw a guy - tall, blue hoodie, blue jeans, grey baseball cap, light complexion, ginger beard, roll-up in his hand - very clearly casing houses along our street, including my own (near the bottom of the Ladder) as he probably didn't realise I had just come out of there and crossed the road.

He seemed to be looking for bins left haphazardly, peering into ground floor windows and looking up for open windows on the upper floors etc. Didn't enter any front gardens though.

He saw me looking at him and went back up the Passage. I lingered for a bit and saw him trying to look for access points into houses along the Passage.

I had to run and had other reasons to not take any further action this time, but thought I'd at least pass this on...

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Pass it on to the police. 

The other day my neighbour and I were chatting outside his front door. We saw a couple of young guys walking back and forth. They were looking in cars. When one of them tried the car belonging to the neighbour I was talking to, we realised that “strange” was almost certainly “sus”. I challenged him gently to let him know he was trying to open my neighbour’s car. He apologised and limply explained that he had the same car. He then hurried off down the hill. We assumed we’d warned him off  

Looking in the car afterwards, we saw that the glove box was open and displaying a range of CDs. We assumed they were his target. So my neighbour removed them.

Half an hour later, as reported on HoL, the car was stolen. 

It’s definitely worth keeping an eye out and reporting suspicious behaviour to the police.

Do you think 101 / online reports get actioned on? But you're right, we at least provide should data points. Have done so now.

I emailed Harringay SNT (harringay.snt@met.police.uk). They replied and suggested that a potential crime in action should go via 999. 

Yes if I didn't have to get going I would have called 999 and kept him in sight until they arrived.

PS: Just emailed them as well.

The police may say that 999 should be used for a crime in action, but when I saw two men kicking in a door one afternoon on Green Lanes a couple of years ago it took over 30-40mins for police to arrive. By that time the situation had escalated into a street brawl with the people kicking in the door and the people whom the door presumably belonged to. I had to leave for work so didn't see the eventual outcome, but I called back a couple of times to update them on the escalation. Certainly didn't inspire a feeling of confidence that crimes would be dealt with.

I hear that sort of thing a lot but somehow whenever I've had to call the cops they've been there in minutes

Same! The police are very good around here especially when you consider what they have to deal with.

They came quickly once when we thought we had disturbed someone trying to break in to our flat, but then it rained and any potential evidence was washed away (prints on the gate etc.) That aside, I have had at least 2-3 occasions where nobody has attended for a very long time, including to a report of a nasty fight with kids in prams in the middle of it outside the Langham Social Club.

Sounds like an episode of Shameless!

I experienced something similar the other night (this was at 1.30am so inherently dodgier!) and dialled 999 because there was someone searching around in people's front gardens, moving flower pots and bins.  My guess is they were looking for hidden keys, although they may also have stashed their drugs and couldn't remember which garden they'd hidden them in. 

More (possibly related) dodginess yesterday: someone chucked a brick through our front window yesterday lunchtime in a failed attempt to break-in. I think they underestimated the noise it would make and how hard it would be to break the glass; the noise alerted a neighbour who spooked them and called 999 - the cops came right away and we were boarded up within the hour. Our intruder alarm was set and the windows locked, so it was never going to be an easy target, yet still they tried. Be vigilant folks and most definitely report it - 999 if it's in progress, 101 if it's already taken place.  



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