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Heck of a lot of a police activity both on and above Green Lanes. Any one know what all the excitement is?

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There was something going on on the East side just North of Harringay Green Lanes station when I passed twice in the last 50 mins or so; from the bike it was rather hard to work out what it was though. The Helicopter is hovering around above the Gardens now...

Just seen about twenty police cars and vans bombing down Green Lanes.

Something they're clearly rather bothered about going on.

I was wondering if it was above Sainsbury's, but you'll have had a closer vantage point.

Yes it has been over Sainsburys/Retail Park area for the last 15 mins. Ambulance by the railway bridge plus two unmarked police cars (blue lights on). A Twitter post says Finsbury Park Avenue estate heavy with police.

Just heard a rumour, repeat RUMOUR, three people killed in a fight! Unreliable source.
I was in Umfreville Rd a few minutes after the shenanigans. My understanding is that two people were having a pretty serious fight, chairs were thrown etc. I saw about 3 people getting arrested on GL at the bottom of Umfreville. Definitely no dead bodies I sight.
Thank goodness for that.

One thing I did see when cycling passed was a chair leg on the road....

Police chopper now gone.

My son was on a 341 on Green Lanes about half an hour ago, he saw a man running very quickly in the middle of the road and a police man chasing him, then loads more police officers joined the chase. He didn't see if they caught up with the running man.

Was he carrying any chair legs?

Until about half an hour ago, were loads of police vans along Hermitage Rd, including some BTP vans, dog handlers, big vans with smoked windows. The helicopter was hovering over the Arena estate. They' ve mostly gone now.



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