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My sister, who lives in the States, has asked me to send her some 'nostalgic' sweets of the day. We're talking about 1950/60 era. A lot of them have disappeared and some have just been renamed but for the life of me my mind has gone a blank on what we used buy in our local sweet shop.

I know Opal Fruits have been renamed Starburst and that you can still buy Fruit Pastiles. Also that the Walnut Whip is now just called Whip due to the fact that there's no walnut in them anymore, (just not the same though without the nuts) but I need to be reminded of what else we used to nibble on and what is still out there, what it's new name is and where it/they might be stocked if they're not so common nowadays.

Any ideas?

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I loved Clarnico Mint Creams, which Sainsbury's were still selling recently, under the Bassett's label. And Fry's Chocolate Mint Cream, which a few newsagents (such as are left) still stock.

Trebor Refreshers

i remember Woolies nut crunch, the purple wrapped sweets from lucky dip, long red or black chewy shoelaces, flying saucers  and chewy white milk bottles. There is a sweet shop near Leicester sq tube /covent gdn SugarSin, Hardys and  Elizas - just wash your teeth after!! 

Pink and white coconut ice, sweet cigarettes.

Marks and Sparks still do walnut whips with nut on top

Gosh - Five Boys chocolate (but only from railway slot machine - why?

sainsburys do Iced Gems lookalikes in a Jumbo pack of six individual packs...

In Wilkinsons and other shops you can buy a box called "Sweetshop Favourites" containing a selection of many of these, and poundshops are also a good source of old-fashioned sweets.

black jacks, fruit salad, sugar mice (with a string tale), pink shrimps, pineapple chunks . . .



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