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In any home refurbishment project there will be waste created from replacement bathroom fixtures to rubble from knocked-down walls, all of which will need to be removed and taken somewhere.   

Unfortunately most of this will end up in landfill which can add to your project cost and environmental impact.  It is beneficial to both reduce the amount of waste as well as reducing what heads to landfill.

At the planning stage of the refurbishment it is good to consider and explore ways to reduce the amount of waste that will be produced. Alternatives can be found to either recycle or reuse the waste created.

1 - Can any of the strip out materials be donated or recycled?;  Radiators, pipes, metal, wood etc. Can the waste be turned into a new product or item? Can any part of the demolition be stripped back and parts be reused?

2 - Can any of your old furniture be sold for upcycling, or donated to charity?  

3 - Can any of the strip out works be used elsewhere?; In your garden, by neighbours or at salvage yards?

Another consideration is to work with contractors that set targets and actions for reducing waste which can also help to improve efficient use of resources on site.  When choosing your builder, ask what their policy is on waste reduction, this might provide an insight into their wider environmental considerations.

The most beneficial thing to do in terms of cost and environmental impact is to prevent the amount of waste being produced in the first place. The worst thing to do is to dispose of the waste in landfill or in incinerators.

SJA work with a number of environmentally conscious builders, and at the right time can run a tender process for you, which includes the environmental credentials and approach to waste.

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At SJA we are passionate about this extra thought and consideration and we’d be delighted to talk further with you on this sustainability series of newsletters or on any specific aspect of your project. 

Get in touch on office@stuartjamesassociates.co.uk 

Or 0207 228 8522

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