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I follow Lammy on Twitter and have been wondering when he's actually going to start electioneering to keep his seat. Not a single mention of Tottenham since November 6. He appears to think this election is just about Brexit on a national level, when at a local level people are also concerned about failing services, rising crime, escalating drug problems. I for one would love to know what his vision is for his constituency, particularly with regard to Ducketts/Turnpike but I have a feeling I won't hear it between now and the ballot day. He really shouldn't be as complacent (arrogant?) as he's being after Labour lost here in the EU Elections.

Well, like him or not.....

1) Labour hasn't yet published its manifesto.

2) This is what he pledged a mere two and a half years ago, using 'Tottenham' seven times:

My 5 election pledges,  May 3, 2017

I was born and bred in Tottenham and for the past seventeen years it has been a real privilege to serve as your Labour Member of Parliament.
I have fought hard on the issues that are affecting people living in Tottenham and if re-elected I will continue to do so.

My pledges to you:
1) Standing up for Tottenham: I will always stand up for Tottenham in Westminster, as I have done over the past 17 years and when the riots hit out streets in 2011.
2) A strong voice on Brexit: I will continue to fight against a destructive Tory Brexit that will hit jobs and living standards in Tottenham.
3) Building the homes we need: Labour will build a million homes, half of which will be council homes for social rent, help renters in the private sector and crackdown on rogue landlords.
4) Keeping our streets safe: I fought to save our police station and I will continue to fight to ensure that our local police have the resources to keep Tottenham safe.
5) Fighting for our NHS: I will fight for investment in our NHS so that all Tottenham residents have access to the healthcare services they need.

3) The EU election. Psephological estimates (referenced in Wikipedia's 2019 EU election page) of votes cast in the Tottenham constituency area gave Labour 49.4% of the total, with Lib Dem next at 18.8%. Yes London elected 3 Lib Dems to two Labour, but on an entirely different basis.

Let's hope those 81.6% are happy that he is making Tottenham a wonderful place to live, with world class facilities and safe streets.

Yet all those years ago when he was asked to support the community side in the Wards Conrer versus Grainger debacle he SAT ON THE FENCE like a plump chicken. Wehe wetried to put across our argument on Adebayo's radio show in Tottenham he said he didn't HIS (sic) show to be taken over.

I agree that he doesn't really have what it takes to get Tottenham out of its 'underveloped' rut. But I will still vote Labour cause the Lib Dems' Swinson seems to be playing a ME ME ME game and I do not like it.

If you vote Labour then Lammy will remain in place and nothing will change. Vote for anyone else. He will still win but if his majority goes down he might start upping his game.

David Lammy talks and shouts an excellent job, predominantly an MP of protest his emotive rhetoric helps keep the constituency on his side, even gentrification wouldn't shift him, as it hasn't with his colleagues in Hackney etc.

I see that quite a few voters agree with me on Swinson.

My priority it to get the liars out! And raise the non brexit vote.

I thonkn people should vote tactically to oust people like te  also mediocre Raab, cynical IDS and the total Liar in chief Boris...that would be so fun.

Deprivation is due to Tory cuts. Next year there will be even less money. Councils are having a tough job with very little money.

Yes, my Cornish and Irish ancestral bonds and cultural allegiances are very much intertwined with Guyana!

"Ancestral bonds" had me scratching my head. Maybe it's an old Tottenham/new Tottenham thing? 

So as a white atheist from the north east of England with Irish parents I’ve got it all wrong voting for him?

Had to chuckle when the Electoral Communication 'From Tottenham, for Tottenham' arrived this morning. Nice big picture of D Lammy, with landscape vista behind. I recognised the view from which it was taken, and the more I looked the more I was amused (this is not a party political point).

1) The view looks south-east down Hillfield Park, the side road off Muswell Hill Broadway N10 (so, photographed in a different constituency, but never mind). Googling 'muswell hill view' and selecting Images will show what I mean, it's not good on Google Streetview.

2) The terrain shown is nearly all in Hornsey and Wood Green constituency, the rest in the far distance is Hackney North & Stoke Newington. Tottenham constituency doesn't get a look in, at least to my eye.

3) Had he stood on the Terrace at Ally Pally a short distance away, practically all of his constituency would be in shot.



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