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A very friendly black-and-white cat has been trying to get into houses on Terront Road. He/she has a collar with a red ribbon and a heart but no other identifying details. The cat has only one eye. Unfortunately my neighbour and I can’t look after him/her as we both have cats. Picture attached. Please message me if I can help with more information. 

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I have seen this cat on Conway Road recently, at the junction with Etherley. More than once, so assumed it lived there. 

That cat lives at the Conway end of Rowley Road. A very sociable cat and just wants fuss usually.

Well done for helping him. It's risky for a cat to be out the front. Sounds like he's got himself a bit lost if he is in Terront Rd and if he lives on Rowley Rd. If I was the owner I would be worried if my cat was wandering in a different road and also out the front. Can you get in touch with the owner or get him scanned for microchip so that any owner can be contacted. It's much safer for a cat to have access to back garden. Cats need a catflap so that they can get inside when they want, otherwise they get stuck outside in the cold. It's also best that cats are safe inside at night.

He does have garden access, and a cat flap. Just a bit of a wanderer.



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