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TfL has given a surprising two weeks notice of the expected service cuts, usually they prefer a week's notice for bad news!

There is still no news of what, if any service will be running at weekends. The supplementary buses are bound to make a reappearance.


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Two trains an hour now instead of 4 - because they sold the old trains before new ones arrived and announcements tell you change due to unavailability of trains!!!

The 2-car diesel trains were never owned by TfL. They were ordered new from Angel Trains leasing company by the first holder of the London Rail Concession (LRC) awarded by TfL in 2007 and were delivered in 2010. When the LRC was retendered and let to another company the lease of the diesels was transferred with an end date of June 2018. The new 4-car electric trains ordered by TfL in 2015 were to be in service before May 2018. As we know that did not happen. When TfL realised the new trains were nowhere near ready, they asked Angel Trains to extend the lease on the 8x2-car diesel trains but were told that they had already been leased to West Midlands Trains (WMT) for a new Leamington Spa - Coventry - Nuneaton service.

Luckily because of the May 2018 national timetable meltdown.Chris Grayling postponed the new Leamington - Nuneaton service from December 2018 to May 2019, so WMT were able to sublease 7x2-car diesels back to TfL, taking a train or two back at intervals until the last three left London Overground last Friday, 15th March. The 8x2-car diesels need deferred heavy general overhauls and a universal toilet fitted before WMT can start training drivers on them for their new service.

TfL's new trains? Well they are now on version 31 of their computer software which still has multiple bugs and no one knows when they will be fit for public service!

So we return to the dreadful 30 minute service that almost killed off this line before TfL came in.  We are supposed to be happy about the service having the same capacity, but that is only because the trains, when they appear, will be twice as long.  Why not join two together, run an 8 car service every hour, the "capacity" would be the same...



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