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In the normal course of events, an upgrade to a Mac's operating system goes by unnoticed. Today, however, something catastrophic happened and my Mac wouldn't even start in safe mode. (That means it was totally kiboshed).

Thankfully I allow my Time Machine backups to run unimpeded. This meant that Marek (who came round pronto) has been able to get me back up and running after some magic with a USB and doing a complete restore from my Time Machine.


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Thank You Hugh for your generous review

Your Time Machine sounds very useful Hugh - I was wondering where you keep digging up those old photos!


I’ve had cause to thank the heavens for Time Machine on a couple of occasions now. Once was post-burglary then again today.

If I remember correctly between today and your post-burglary disaster there was my intervention two years ago when I over the phone restored your computer over the phone also from your Time Machine backup. So far three times Time Machine saved your bacon. Hehehe

The Time Machine is a very good software but an anonymous smooth operator also matters.

Marek, I am in need of your services, my PC is running very slow. Can you send me an invite so that we can chat? Ta



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