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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

As always, this was such a great event! Thank you to all involved in organising it - looking forward to the next already!

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I registered about 9.5km

Really enjoyed it... Thank you all... I was asked by fellow runners what my chip time was. After the Hurtle, that was definitely chip time!

It would be nice if the organisers would finish the job by taking down the direction signs attached to lampposts, etc. I have seen drivers start to turn into streets going the wrong way thinking, with all the road works on Wightman, that they are official diversion signs.

Good call. I saw two cars trying to go down one of the ladder roads the wrong way the other day. Not sure if the signage was responsible  but best to avoid any confusion or accusation of blame.

I’ve just removed the signs from the green lanes end of Allison, and Wightman end of Allison, Hewitt, Seymour, Pemberton and Mattison (Warham was already done). Whilst I agree the removal of the signage should have been factored in by the organisers I think if any of us see signs still up we can do our bit and remove them. 

I agree, Liz. We can all do our bit. I took down the one on the Wightman end of Warham yesterday as I passed.

And well done organisers & participants!

I hear great things from friends who were there. I had to skip it as after entering I decided to run Manchester Marathon so I had to do 21 miles on Sunday. It's inconveniently timed for anyone doing a Spring marathon unfortunately.

I picked up a few of the signs on Saturday morning...is there someone I can return them to? They are all in perfect condition for next year’s race!



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