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The council website now has a page for this, with more information and a link to a timeline of what's so far been done:


The one thing that would improve it they will never do, because in Haringey cars ease congestion, parked cars go shopping, cars need more space than people.

“It could be better”? Ha ha. It couldn’t be much worse.

Just sent my comments in.  In particular - I really believe that it could all start by improving  the interior and exterior of Turnpike Lane station - it's an architectural highlight that's a shadow of it's former glory. I firmly believe every other Zone 3 station has had massive improvements.  Did a quick google and came across this site - https://www.tubewalker.com/highlights/favourite_tube_stations.html.  No mention of Turnpike Lane station unsurprisingly.  This is the gateway to the area for a lot of people and it's not in great shape.  Improvements to this are will reap rewards for therest of the high street.  I grew up around Willesden Green and that station has won awards in recent years. 

It’s owned by TfL Marc so Haringey couldn’t do work to it if they wanted to.

But will Haringey have the guts to remove parking and put in a protected cycle lane? Time will tell whether the 'climate emergency' commitment is just double- speak.

On the contrary, they're re-designating road space to enable MORE parking;

"Issues raised by residents, traders, shoppers and visitors included...Parking and congestion"

"Parking restrictions:
Haringey Council has agreed to reconfigure parking spaces on the side roads to create 54 extra pay by phone parking spaces
Six underused loading bays have been converted to 18 pay by phone parking spaces"

Amazing that they don't get that if you make it easier to use a car, people will use a car, and what happens to the roads if you do that.

Quite, and ignores all of the research that has been done that people who arrive on foot, by bike or by using public transport spend MORE in shops than those using a car.  TPL is a traffic clogged nightmare that is unpleasant to visit- making it pedestrian friendly should be part of the overall plan to revitalising it.

And the evidence from eg Waltham Forest that traders wildy over-estimate how many customers use cars to go shopping. It seems safe to assume that Haringey council has only listened to the shop owners.

There's something wrong at council; they are so pro-car, it's like watching time run backwards; free parking days, legal pavement parking, collaborations with car dealers, new car parking spaces on Wightman Rd.

The only utility I get from using Turnpike Lane is the bus to Ally Pally and back, especially when I can watch from the top deck as enterprising junkies sell stolen bacon to the morning drinkers in the garden of The Tollgate.

I don't see where you get new parking spaces on Wightman Rd. With the ending of pavement parking and the introduction of alternate side parking we have lost considerably more than half of the former parking spaces. 

Wow, I didn't realise, that's great news.

Anyway, here they are. Council could have extended the measly segregated bike lane another 50m.

And from that point, on the other side of the road, right along to the Jewsons' gate we have lost dozens of parking spaces. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but that's not what the Council gave us to understand

All the parking outside ours finally went yesterday. It was always full, now we have about 1/4 of what there was before, on the other side of the road. The original spaces were frequently full, so I'm expecting to do a lot of loading in and out of large, heavy items (I work in events and frequently have to store kit in the flat) from across the road and most likely also from halfway down the hill.

I was not exactly delighted at the prospect of reduced parking, but if it was going to result in safer cycling and a nicer pedestrian experience then fine, it's not all about me and my car.

But as you say, it a LOT of parking gone (and we've all stumped up for permits), it's as grim as ever walking through the clouds of fume and cyclists are now more likely to get run over by the furious drivers weaving between the new obstacles. This debacle is quite high on the list of reasons why we're about to move out. Which will no doubt be an interesting experience in itself, because there's now nowhere to put a van for loading.



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