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My (admittedly incredibly cynical) view is that traders in Haringey don't care about how their customers get to their shops - but they DO care about how they get themselves to their shops. And in 95% of cases that is them driving and parking outside.

I will force myself up the hill at the north end of Wightman and thence down the Ladder rather than ride down the flat Turnpike Lane.

If the overall answer is more parking and more car-friendly road conditions, then collectively Haringey Council has a screw loose. Turnpike Lane is basically two separate streets split by two walls of traffic.

Some of the traders in Turnpike Lane seem to want to show off their Blingmobiles as signs of their new-found wealth. So 20th century really...  

On Lyttleton Road behind TPL, which has 14 houses on one side of the road, they quietly introduced pay-and-display parking on the opposite side of the road a couple of weeks ago - no resident or visitor parking allowed except in front of houses.

As a result it's become a bun fight to get a space especially if someone has a visitor over and quite reasonably gives them a vistor permit they've already bought rather than asking them to pay and display for £3.50 an hour. And the opposite side stays largely empty.

Oh and so quietly did they tell residents that 10 parking tickets were issued to residents on the day of introduction... a petition has been signed

Out of interest Admins, was this leaflet sent to you by the council?

No, but a few days later they did tweet us to ask us to promote what we'd already promoted.

But no tweets on the ward consultation...

No. They've quietly put up a page about it on the Haringey website, but other than that they seem to be doing their utmost to make sure people aren't aware of that consultation.

I did have one in the post last week on Tuesday if I remember right.

Why can't the council  stand up to traders? Is there something fishy going on? They would rather appease traders than protect public health.



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