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The Harringay bell and horn - Lausanne/Frobisher/Wightman roads

We live the Wightman Rd end of Lausanne Rd and can routinely hear what we've started calling the Harringay Bell and Horn. A 2 or 3 times a day ringing of a bell, followed by a long horn noise. Last happened 11.45am this morning. Can anyone tell us what it is? We're so curious!

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Something at Hornsey Rail Depot maybe?

Sounds like the railway! 

I don't think it's a train noise. It's more like a old-fashion bell that might be rung by hand, followed by a couple of long trumpet-like horn blows. And it seems to come from the opposite direction to the trains.

It is driving me nuts too mainly because I have no idea what it is. I spent ages thinking it was something religious but don’t think it is.

We also thought perhaps religious, something to do with the church or school, but there doesn't seem to be a pattern, rhyme or reason! 

Could it be something to do with the Greek church ?

School bell? North Harringay School?

In the school holidays ?

You would be surprised. Unless the bell is turned off it will just follow its normal routine.... I know of a school where they have lost the code to reprogram and turn off the bell. So. It goes off every however many minutes up to the middle of the evening and across the holidays. 

I see. I think we need more details. Is it a continuous drrrrrrrr ing like a doorbell, or a repeated clang like a church bell ?

Does it happen at the same times every day ?

Surprised I've never heard it as I live just across Wightman Rd., by the mosque.

Has it been happening for years or started only recently ?

We've lived here for nearly 2 years, and pretty sure that it's been happening ever since. It's obviously more noticeable in summer because we spend more time outdoors. It seems to come from the Frobisher Rd side, but can't be sure. Just happened again, 12.10pm, yesterday it was 11.45am, so not quite the same time every day. And the evening before it was around 7pm. It's a mystery!

See comment above - it sounds like a hand-rung bell, followed by a couple of long trumpet-like horn blows.

We can also hear the school bell on weekdays. I think this is different, irregular times, but we can't be sure.



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