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A couple of days back, I went outside and nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw what looked like a furry creature by my feet. It didn't take long for me to realise that it was a squirrel tail, neatly svered from its previous owner. 

A few blood spots heading off into the garden suggest what the fate of the wee nut-eater was. 

Does anyone have any ideas what might have befallen the poor thing? They seem pretty fleet of foot to me - too fast for a fox. A cat perhaps?

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They had squirrel there on and off (seasonal etc) for a good number of years.  If there were protests, they were not obvious.

Yes, you can adapt it to any rabbit recipe, it won't roast well as not enough fat.

Do you know where we can get rabbit (not wild game rabbit) locally? At a reasonable price? The times I have seen it in Waitrose it it was priced like caviar = the price of two legs or the 'saddle' was almost the same as a whole rabbit in Belgium or France.

Idem for chicory/endive salad - for the price of 1 kg in Belgium/France you can get two chicories in Waitrose. Can't really find them much elsewhere.

Baldwins [ on Green lanes before the old post office] always has farmed rabbit , wild some times , even hare on occasion - 

Many different kinds of chicory/radicchio/endive to be found at the Clocktower Greengrocer in Crouch End.  Yes, Baldwins is the reliable source of tame rabbit - not cheap but you won't find it cheaper elsewhere either, as far as I have ever found.

Thanks for tips on rabbit and chicory.

Normally, when I am at work, it is much easier for me to get these items in Brussels or Paris than to go to 'all the way/out of my way' to Green Lanes or Crouch End.

We'll see after lockdown...

We used to get ours from the game butcher at Leadenhall Market, but it was British and quite 'gamey', there's also the Hampstead Butcher in Muswell Hill. I found that most farmed rabbit tastes like chicken.



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