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As all Virgin customers will know Virgin decided to put up their prices again recently, something like the 2nd time within 18 mths. Liberty Global (US) who own Virgin are getting greedy. Here's Michael Fries the CEO of Liberty Global;

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Michael likes your money. He also likes changing around the packages pretty regularly. At the moment its 50Mbps, 100, 200 & mega at 300Mbps. The average speed achieved in the country is currently 26Mbps between all providers/customers.

At the time of the recent proposed price rise we were on 70Mbps. The only cheaper package available is the 50Mbps one so, we rang India and asked to be downgraded. That would save us over £9 a month with a speed drop of just 70 to 50Mbps. India didn't understand. They offered a £1.38/mth saving instead staying at 70. Of course we said 'no thanks, we like the 50 pack'. India sighed & gave in.

We're now on the 50Mbps package and the savings are starting to come through as well. There's none or little difference in service.

To add to this we had to sign up to a new contract. With that comes the offer of the new Hub 3.0. I have just installed this new hub. Very impressive. We now have wifi at warp speed; 360/400 Mbps.

So, good savings (£110 pa), better wifi & the satisfaction of giving Michael just a little less per month than he planned for

Phone India!

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I've been meaning to ring Virgin too. Thanks for the advice. Do you still have a useless land line though?

BT landline so no problems there

I was forced to upgrade from 50 to 100. There is absolutely no difference and this is very poor connection for a fiber network. There are constant issues and slow speed (you cant watch 1080p stream...) in the evenings.
I am considering changing to BT, if they have a good deal. Also Virgin support are without basic IT knowledge and with a lack of simple network/broadband understanding.
Last time when i called to report an issue with the 50mbps, they explained me that i am consuming internet for 100, not for 50...SO i got pissed off and asked the guy to explain me how exactly they measured that my CONSUMPTION is more likely to be 100mpbs not 50 mpbs...the conversation ended without any resolution provided.
I highly advice you to call for Engineer even, if it takes time to come to your house. Otherwise you might have a network issue around the house and the support cannot trouble shoot. 
At the end it turned up that my setup and router are not with the right cables and there is a lot of resistance in the current cables. Even that they replaced them I am experiencing similar issues in the past two weeks.



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