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I've always been a little puzzled by one tree in Seymour Road that seemed to come into blossom in the middle of winter. Was this a sign of milder winters? Climate change in action?

This year, it has pink blossom on it before its autumn leaves have even dropped.

So I asked the street tree expert Paul Wood, who tweets as @The StreetTree.

I need not have worried that this tree's behaviour was a sign of milder winters messing with the seasons. This is a winter flowering cherry, Prunus x subhirtella, which flowers from November through to April, and which has been specially cultivated in Japan simply because humans wanted something pretty to look at in the winter months. 

An effect I think they have achieved. 

To find out more about this street tree, click through to Paul's blog, The Street Tree

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Great to hear of your special tree. I wanted and planted a miniature japanese cherry tree in my garden six years ago and it  is now two foot high. I love it in spring. I am at the Fin park end of Hermitage road

There is also one on Mattison Road that I've always wondered about!



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