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Hello neighbours,

My amazing cleaner has recently gone on maternity leave and probably won't come back. I am now looking for a new cleaner, who is thourough and fast, as my previous one set very high standards. I would prefer someone who can speak English and comes with recommendations. I will need two hours every week and I live in Pemberton road.

I would appreciate only recommendations for truly outstanding cleaners, as I would hate to try someone and then let them go. 

Many thanks in advance for any reply!


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I used Desi who is recommended on here a lot - she is excellent and very reliable. I finally used her after trying loads of people and none of them being up to scratch until her. Some even forgot to take the bins out for gods sake!! 

Hi Rebecca, would you be able to give me her number please? Just sent you a connection request. Thanks for recommending! 

Just sent you a PM! 

Hello Rebecca

Can you send me Desi’s contact details please ?



Of course - she’s on 07878 935011




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