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Tiger came to Stokey Cats and Dogs after his owner died over 6 months ago and the family didn't want to give him a home. He arrived covered with fleas and half of his fur was missing. Stokey got him flea treated and vet treatment. Tiger's blood and urine tests indicated underlying kidney issues which have been addressed and Tiger is doing well. The vet thinks that the special kidney diet food will help him have a good quality life for years to come. He has also had a dental which has made him feel much better.

Let's hope that Tiger doesn't have to wait too much longer for someone to offer him a permanent home. He's been waiting over 6 months. He really deserves to be loved and looked after properly. He is approximately 7 years old. He's a lovely boy, very sweet, and gentle. He is neutered.

Update March 2019 - Tiger has been rehomed. After waiting nearly a year for a permanent home, Tiger's wonderful volunteer foster carer is giving him a permanent home!

If you are interested in adopting a Stokey rescue cat please email stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com and they will be pleased to send you an application form. Please note home checks apply.

Stokey Cats and Dogs are a local volunteer group who rescue local cats. It's vital that cats are neutered as there are so many homeless cats. They rescue cats and get them neutered, microchipped and rehomed. They desperately need and welcome funds donated by the community on their fundraising page here or you can donate via paypal to stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com and they urgently need funds for vet fees. They also have a Wish List on Amazon and have a Stokey Cats and Dogs Facebook group  where you can read all the latest news on their rescue cats.

Stokey Cats have a stall at the Abney Hall Christmas Market on 8th and 9th December

Christmas cards - You can also buy lovely Christmas cards in support of Stokey Cats and Dogs at the christmas market. The cards are £4 a pack (one of each design). Or if you can't attend the market, please email djfrankiecat@gmail.com and put Stokey Cats Cards in the subject line.

I post regularly here in respect of Stokey cats needing homes and photos

More Stokey cats needing homes

List of animal rescue places here

(If you can't offer a permanent home to a cat, Stokey also urgently need more fosterers - which means providing a temporary home for a cat until a permanent home is found. Can you help? You don't need to have a garden to temporarily foster. If more people foster, Stokey will be able to help more homeless cats). Short term or long term fosterers are always needed. If you email Stokey, they will be pleased to send you a foster care application form to join their volunteer foster carers network. Email stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com

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Does tiger have a home yet? If not, we're keen but we have a cat already who goes outdoors with a cat flap .

Still looking! Could you please email stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com and we'll be happy to discuss further. Thank you! 

Will do. Thanks! 

Thanks for replying! Yes Tiger still needs a home, he’s such a lovely cat. I’ve flagged you up to Stokey Cats and Dogs and they are always very pleased to receive enquiries. (I think you might know Ella who runs Stokey as I remember you kindly helped that black and white cat last year and she got the cat neutered).

If you email stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com they can send you an application form and they can also give you more detail on Tiger and their other cats needing homes.

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