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As Public Health England call for a ban on cars idling their engines near schools and hospitals with the introduction of "no-idling zones", part of a raft of measures to combat air pollution, George Monbiot points out that; 

"Cars are already banned from idling, under the 2002 Road Traffic Regulations. The problem is a comprehensive failure of enforcement. A couple of fines outside each school gate would radically change attitudes. But where are police?"

Isn't it time for a crackdown on this with some sharp fines for the offending drivers? My bet is that some drivers don't even know that it is illegal so how about a big publicity campaign too?

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That's what I understood. The examiner couldn't tell if the driver was obeying the speed limit.

I drive a Honda Jazz (the original shape) and the width of the front window pillars is shocking. Turning right from a junction where the give way line is fairly far back (i.e. so one can't look directly through the passenger window) is horrendous as the driver's sightline is pretty much nil.

And is entirely the reason for the accident I had on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago... Alright maybe not entirely.



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