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Rumours have been circulating for some time that the "Leader" Cllr Joe Ejiofor was planning to waste money on another Vanity Project - resuscitating the old Town Twinning schemes. Mostly suspended when Haringey, like other Councils, faced millions in cuts. To the best of my knowledge, one of the twinning schemes - with Livry-Gargan - continued by raising funds as volunteers.

I've been sent what appears to be a genuine copy of a recent version of the draft plan. It includes cost estimates; although I suspect these may be a serious underestimate. (For example just having an additional Council meeting is not cheap.)

I've edited the version I received to remove the names of Council staff. It's not their fault they've been instructed to incur costs and waste their time on this foolishness.

The programme of visiting "dignitaries" flying in and out to enjoy free hotels breakfasts, lunches, dinners and "Freedom  of the Borough" will happen this July. Unless there is a sufficiently loud protest.

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Plenty of places have twinning. With our current self imposed national isolation I think it would be a positive gesture to our E.U neighbours if we twinned ourself with a town in each of the 27 countries of the EU.

Wouldn't Pothole Town, Barbados, be the ideal twin?

Can they please allocate Twin Peaks ... happy to represent Haringey ... all expenses paid for of course

Matt, it is actually a serious topic. And there are ways to advance it. But civic "dignitaries" flying to and fro for free grub and free booze and glad-handing Spurs, is hardly one of them. Though obviously it's the Ejiofoolish idea of how to make himself look important.

Claims it’s a serious topic and then resorts to calling the council leader names.  Jesus wept.

Indeed. How childish.

It's not the first leader he's resorted to calling names.

If we're really lucky he'll write a poem.

Wonder when Alan will realise it's not the leader that's the problem it's him....


For your information Haringey-Livry Friendship Association which has been in place since the town-twinning agreement was signed in 1977 is completely self-financing.  I have been a member since the 80s.  The support and recognition from Haringey Council over the years has been negligible, if not non-existent....


Thanks, Sally. That was my impression from what Sheila Peacock has said a couple of years ago. In any case I'm doubtful about simply taking an old list.

As you'll have noticed there are several uncosted items in Joe Ejiofor's list which could take his proposed scheme well over budget.
This is against a general background of some highly unpleasant cuts decisions forced on local Councils across the country. However bad things will be in the coming financial year, it looks far worse for 2021-2022.

I wasn't on the Council in 1990, but you may have been and in any case probably know about the massive cuts then which which hit Haringey like many other Councils. As I recall there needed to be long rancorous meetings with line-by-line examination of every budget item. Leading to massive cuts simply to balance the books.

So, fast forward, and it's hardly the right time for the Council to take on inessential new financial obligations which, frankly, look like Joe's Vanity Projects.

A small point: I assume you and the Livry twinning people use trains. The others may not. With the collapse of cheap air travel we may be coming to an end of the cheap flights era.

It looks too as though we may see the end of UK access to subsidised EU programmes where professionals moved around Europe positively swapping experience and ideas.


We always go on the train and have done since Eurostar started.  ~Didn't get elected to the Council till 1994..............


Sounds like quite a nice idea. 

Its a good idea if there is a tangible return on the investment  in the form of jobs or investments in Haringey that will create jobs (decent skilled jobs).



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