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Rumours have been circulating for some time that the "Leader" Cllr Joe Ejiofor was planning to waste money on another Vanity Project - resuscitating the old Town Twinning schemes. Mostly suspended when Haringey, like other Councils, faced millions in cuts. To the best of my knowledge, one of the twinning schemes - with Livry-Gargan - continued by raising funds as volunteers.

I've been sent what appears to be a genuine copy of a recent version of the draft plan. It includes cost estimates; although I suspect these may be a serious underestimate. (For example just having an additional Council meeting is not cheap.)

I've edited the version I received to remove the names of Council staff. It's not their fault they've been instructed to incur costs and waste their time on this foolishness.

The programme of visiting "dignitaries" flying in and out to enjoy free hotels breakfasts, lunches, dinners and "Freedom  of the Borough" will happen this July. Unless there is a sufficiently loud protest.

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Let me guess, John D, that Haringey may be able to find a few "Dignitaries" from elsewhere prepared to ignore dumped mattresses, rubbish bags, litter, fridges, etc. Some civic freeloaders prepared to overlook the food banks and homeless people, while they enjoy visiting Spurs and Ally Pally; free meals; free hotels; free coach trips; and free taxis to the airport.

Which still poses some obvious questions. Like: is it the best use of £20k? (And likely to be considerably more). Bearing in mind that the 2020-21 cuts are projected worse than 2019-20. And that even now we apparently don't have the money for front-line services.
Remembering too, that one group of people continuing a previous twinning scheme have fundraised to do that. Why not others?

But perhaps there's also a wider question. Joe Ejiofor's proposal seems a rather traditional model of twinning  - mayors/Leaders & with reciprocal dinners and trips. Is that the best one to resuscitate? 

Hasn't Haringey moved on? Don't we have what you might call "people-twinning"? And maybe "dignitary" twinning has ignored a rather more interesting strength of our borough and indeed a feature of London. Because of email, and Skype and cheaper rail and air fares we have strong transnational links which could be more fruitful.

Perhaps we - and that includes me as well - might have been looking in the wrong places?

An update. 

I hear that Ejiofor's Town-twinning nonsense may shortly be for the chop. Though I don't know whether this is due to an outbreak of common sense; or because the foreign "dignitaries" aren't keen. Either way, if this news  is confirmed, it means there'll be £20k available - or maybe double that - for real things. Filling a few more potholes for instance, or fixing some children's play equipment in a park.

As you can see from the paper I posted, effort and time had already been wasted on this vanity project. If Joe Ejiofolly continues his antics it will start to make the other Joe's bozo logo look not so absurd!

None of this has any relationship to the realities of problems faced by local residents. They deserve better than a vain buffoon hosting "dignitaries" flying pointlessly around the planet to collect "freedom of the borough" at a special council meeting. (Which also has an unnecessary cost simply to hold.)



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