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So far unconfirmed and nothing on Haringey website, but apparently parking enforcement will be restarting from next Tuesday.  A friend saw it on Wood Green Appreciation Facebook Page and alerted me. They did say they would reinstate it without warning so thought it worth mentioning.

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Many thanks for this notice xx

Thanks for flagging this. Out of interest, I just asked a warden walking along Station Road – he said he hadn't heard the above and believed reinstating enforcement Tuesday would be too short notice. His thoughts were that parking restrictions would be back early June, probably Monday 1st. Again, this is only the wardens opinion. No official notice given.

Maybe it's different in Wood Green - I believe the original information came also from a chat with a warden.

This guy just told me that he was talking to a mate whose neighbour used to be a dinner lady and she believes that all Haringey schools are re-opening this Sunday.

Posted on Council Facebook Page. Question - reply Not date currently set for any return

Always worth checking their Facebook page for current changes



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