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Unfortunately he flew over in one of the distinctive US helicopters a few minutes ago.

If you would like to protest against his racist, sexist, homophobic, polluting, nationalist (I could go on) policies there is a demonstration tomorrow 13th July, 2 pm Portland Place, going through regents Street with a Rally in Trafalgar Square at 5 pm and then by downing Street 5:30 pm.

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Just on the news "A pro Trump rally scheduled for this morning outside the American Embassy attracted a few dozen people" it is also a rally in support of the far right self publicist Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon  known by the psuedonym Tommy Robinson, also known as Andrew McMaster and Paul Harris, who was the leader of the now defunct English Defence League who is in jail for contempt of court, previously jailed for mortgage fraud. (He's the one who got a friend to film him enacting being "beaten up" by another friend outside Sainsburys Green Lanes, and who then went on to the local Kurdish Centre to see if he could stir up some trouble for the camera there).

I joined the protests on Friday with my wife.

Here are some photos, especially of some of my favourite signs:

Note: Please feel free to share the above link privately if you wish but if you wish to use any of the images please discuss with me first, thanks.



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