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Two more parks in Haringey lose their Green Flag status: Chestnuts and Paignton

In a third round of "mystery shopping" by Keep Britain Tidy, two more parks have been red flagged. This brings the total to nine out of twenty two parks that Haringey manage that don't meet the standards with a further nine giving cause for concern. Only four parks met the required standards, two of them, Fairland and Railway Fields, in Harringay.

The parks found not to comply with the minimum standards for a Green Flag this time were Chestnuts and Paignton. The challenges that Haringey Council made to five of the findings in the second round were not upheld and those parks continue to be red flagged.

Chestnuts Park, which many of us in the area use, was found to need...

"... an increase in maintenance general maintenance standards, sweeping up and clearance of weeds. The play area netting needs replacing. Ensuring the play area is checked on a regular basis and issues addressed. Graffiti needs removing Litter needs collecting and bins emptying A plan of action to repair / resurface the footpath needs to be identified. Consideration needs to be given to improving the poor entrances. Knee rail fencing needs repairing and replacing Basketball nets replaced."

The report goes on to state,

"Unfortunately the site does not currently meet the minimum standard for the Green Flag award but once these areas are addressed there is no reason why this park will not regain the award."

The full report on Chestnuts can be found here

Reports on all the parks are available here

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Come on Haringey "FIX UP.  

Thanks for this Liz - it's a shame to see another Haringey park lose it's Green Flag, even if temporarily.

I must admit, however, that I find the quality and content of the report particularly poor, especially given the impact losing a green flag can have on a local park and area. There is limited, pithy feedback, with one "Yes/No" test contradicting the written feedback (see Test 12), and that bin looks pretty empty to me despite the oversized rubbish dumped next to it.

Am I right that Local Authority's/parks subscribe to the Green Flag scheme? If so maybe the inspection reports could at least give the feel that the inspector spent more than 10mins having a quick shuffle round before removing the flag. Chestnuts has its issues, mostly through littering I find, but a red rating feels a little harsh!

Hopefully it's just the thing to make something happen! Moved to St Ann's Road a few years ago now, and I kept meaning to badger the council about it. The missing basketball rings and nets, the broken glass, used condoms and condom wrappers around the place, lots and lots and lots of rubbish... always... around the park. I don't imagine cleaning all of that would be that expensive... but I understand that it starts to cost once they want to fix the paths (which are basically ok except for one bumpy area due to tree trunks coming through) and fencing and signage etc... Hopefully there's a good clean up!

It'd be great to bring it up to scratch.

Downhills is now looking much better & feels a hell of a lot cleaner. 

Unfortunately teh coucnil is cash seriously strapped.

But also the culture of many the people there - not all of them mind you - but especially the leader of the council, does not leave much to hope for.

Look at how they replace and plan for public realm improvements...even when money is being spent it doesn't result in the best possible outcome..different design of bollards, mix and match paving, trees planted where they won't survive and aren't necessarily best needed, etc...small details that have nothing to do with money but with how you approach what you are doing.


I'm not sure if it was the council or the "Friends of..." who quickly sorted Downhills once their status was lost. 

If it was the council, they did a pretty good job though. 

All welcome to Friends of Chestnuts Park AGM on Sat 26 January at 1.30pm at Chestnuts Community Centre where we'll be discussing our response to this mystery shopper report, reporting on the recent culvert survey and discussing priorities for the current year
Fairland ... phew! Great to hear.

It goes without saying that the Friends have been the leaders in improving the park and bringing positive activities to it. They put the council to shame. 

Question 2 depicts the small gate off St Anns into the community centre drive. Here the park is at its most neglected with pot holed roads and paths. Knee rail fences are broken. The centre itself is in a terrible state with broken guttering and festooned with pigeon poo. It is symptomatic of the malaise i see at the centre. Happy to have events with loud anti-social music. No action to sort their bins or the external spaces. The 1100l bin now lives by a tree. 

On point 5 i live right next to the Cornwall Rd alleyway. As we complain on the Tidy Up Tottenham forum there is a gap in park services and street sweepers focus. This means the alley has been full a stew of leaves, rubbish and used condoms for quite some time. This alley is a target for fly tipping. Only recently have the lamps been repaired despite persistant nagging by us. We've witnessed and reported anti-social issues in this alley as a result of some of the failings. The north east Black Boy entrance has rubbish in the bushes all the time. This is a regular fly-tipping spot. 

The irony of the signs given the big Haringey Walks banner! 

Question 8 and 9: staff what staff? The cafe is always closed. The inspector must have been there at 7am on a Monday. Downhills and Lordship have excellent facilities inc. WCs open at good hours. Ask to use the toilets in the community centre and they treat you with suspicion. No one would ever attempt to use the public WCs. No wonder i have to witness public urination. 

The community centre has bar and cafe facilities but never make the most of them. Falls well below its potential.



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