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These two Pomeranian dogs Sasha and Pepi (girl and boy) need a home together as they love each other and are inseparable. They are approximately 5 to 7 years old.

They were found as strays in the Summer 2015 - not microchipped, not neutered, matted fur and sore teeth. They were in a council pound which only keeps dogs for 7 days and Rescue Remedies saved their lives by taking them in. They got them microchipped, vaccinated, neutered, full dental work, got rid of their fur mats and groomed them properly and took care of them.
A good home was found for them, but unfortunately due to a death in the family, Sasha and Pepi were returned to Rescue Remedies before christmas.

So they need a good home, and Rescue Remedies also have a lot of other lovely dogs needing homes here www.rescueremedies.co.uk

See Sasha and Pepi's detailed blog and photos.

To apply to offer a home, please fill out this detailed Homing Questionnaire form and submit to Rescue Remedies.

For anyone wanting to give a home to a cat or dog or other animal, there is also a List of animal rescue places here

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I don't know, probably not. The dogs may be cat friendly, or can be trained to be, their fosterers will know best. I think they barked at a neighbour's cat at first, but on the next meeting, were distracted away from the cat. However, I think 2 new dogs coming into a house would be very tricky for a resident cat and the cat would be likely to leave, even if the dogs were cat friendly.

I love dogs, but 2 of our rescue cats are ones which previously lost their homes from a dog being brought in to each of their former homes. As you will know, with any introduction of animals, it needs to be done carefully and slowly in the right way from the start, whether it's a cat and a cat or a cat and a dog and if you get it right, everyone's happy. http://happydogsandcats.co.uk

Thank you- I don't know who you are but you are a hero (at least to me!). My cat is v grumpy - I think I would be better off with a puppy.

Thanks Justin, that's kind of you and much appreciated. I always hope people don't find my animal stuff annoying!

My motivation is that I feel sorry for all the healthy animals put down every day and lives can be saved by giving homes to rescue animals and of course neutering and microchipping pets. Much better than buying an animal as often that funds disreputable breeders - and I feel sorry for the mothers stuck in cages for years made to breed litter after litter and then discarded.
The advantage of people getting a dog or cat from a rescue place is that they are there to give guidance, help and support so people can make good choices for the whole family. You can fill out an application saying you're interested in adopting and they can help you find the right animal of any age to suit your personal circumstances.

Ones like Oldies Club also flag up lovely older dogs needing someone to give them a chance, and they have a cat friendly section of dogs. Article here on cat and dog tips. www.oldies.org.uk/2009/dogs-and-cats

You know your cat best, but it's worth getting your vet to check your cat at the annual health check -  there may be an underlying medical cause for your cat's grumpiness e.g. pain from sore teeth or pain from a hidden residual fight injury. If any medical cause ruled out, I can recommend 2 things that help to make any cat happy - a Snugglesafe heat pad (if you have a microwave) and a Yeoww catnip toy.

Sasha and Pepi are still looking for a permanent home. At present, they are in a temporary foster home.

Like most rescues, Rescue Remedies are also looking for temporary foster homes for their other dogs, to give them a break from kennels, until a permanent home can be found.

Sasha and Pepi still need a home together.



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