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Two people will be employed to patrol the park, while other appointments will take the total number of workers to 14. It is not known what enforcement powers they will have yet.

The move follows recommendations made by police early last year. However, it is not clear  whether it's in response to that or as a result of the increased funds made available following the high court ruling over the concert receipts.

The issue was brought into the spotlight after 22-year-old Iuliana Tudos was murdered by Kasim Lewis while walking home through the park on Christmas Eve in 2017.

Other police recommendations including improving boundary fences, redesigning bins and installing better lighting.

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They can't have better lighting because of the bats.

I hope they do something about the thugs assaulting cyclists at the Finsbury Park Rd entrance.

I do hope they're armed.

Many years ago was a Park Keeper at Finsbury Park. Big issue is the Hours that the Park is Open                       Staff used to Work on Shifts.  And them days there was a Park Dog Patrol Service.                                          Also a Council Policy that Police should Not be allowed to patrol the Park.                                                       And Only called in if Staff was unable to deal with issues.                                                                                      Which most times they was not because there used to be large groups hanging and trading within the Park

Remember a time when a child was flashed and parent and friends got hold of offender.                                 Yes Park Staff escorted him out of Park. But He was beaten badly outside the park

115 Acres is a lot for Two Staff to try and enforce any issues



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