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It is great to see the pedestrian crossing at the West Gate of Finsbury Park being used as a safe route for commuters to Finsbury Park station, and due to it's success this crossing should now be redesigned to deal with traffic during peak times, to avoid congestion, and equally to create and promote further multiple crossing points so Upper Tollington Park is less of a physical barrier to residents wanting to cross to get to and from home and work.

Traffic backs up at peak morning times from the bridge between the top of Endymion, and Upper Tollington Park, this continues solidly down to Green Lanes and up to Burgoyne Rd, and as far as Mattison.

A further reduction in speed should be considered during peak times from 8-10 AM to allow flow, and design raised crossing points fit for purpose for pedestrians.

Congestion builds up unnecessarily affecting the residents of Wightman, Alroy and Endymion directly, together with homes of residents who are off the junctions of these roads, roads that are subject every morning to even higher levels of congestion created by the use of this route to Green Lanes and the north/ south traffic that namely blights Wightman and Endymion.

Side roads affected include Lothiar Cypress Close, Atterbury, Umfreville, Burgoyne, Cavendish, Ducket, Mattison, Pemberton, Coningsby, Tancred & Venetia.

It is about time that this receives special attention, and is well overdue, to understand the problem for Harringay and Stroud Green Residents.

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Any other observations of traffic and experience of using the West Gate Crossing are welcome.

I'm not sure which is the West gate but if it's the one just after  Endymion, heading towards Stroud Green, the pedestrian phase seems unnecessarily long for the numbers crossing. But then, I haven't seen it at 8.30 am.

This chap wasn't helping, this morning at 8.15

Why on earth are they lifting a car at the height of the rush hour!




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