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URGENT !! reliable BOILER repair person! (and a tip of who NOT to use!)

Hi Friends,

Can anyone recommend a BOILER REPAIR person who you have actually used and been very happy with the service? A SAFE RECOMMENDATION IS URGENTLY REQUIRED. If you're bored and feel like reading about my boiler problem, read on. Otherwise just reply with a recommendation!

When i moved into my place, the boiler worked fine but thought i'd have it checked over by a Gas Safe guy to make sure i wasn't being gassed in the night!  I invited FLAMEOUT over, who tinkered around and all seemed well. He told me my boiler was an older model but had plenty of life in it yet.

However, since his visit, (which was back in March), my boiler is behaving very badly.  I think it's a valve problem... If i use the central heating, the hot water will not work after wards.  This happened immediately after the FLAMEOUT visit and i called their receptionist who sweetly said the boiler service must've "awakened" some fault in the boiler.  I didn't call them back in, because i suspected they deliberately messed with my boiler for more jobs from me. GET REAL.

Anyway, over the summer, i had no need for the central heating, so hot water worked well.

Now the weather has gotten colder, i put the heating on the other night forgetting my problem and have been without hot water now for 4 days ~~~ The heating is on, without me turning it on. It's like all the hot water meant to come out my taps, goes into the radiators!  It's ridiculous!  I have to keep the boiler turned off completely, otherwise the heating is stuck on and the boiler overheats.


Anyone have a better experience with boiler repair and servicing?

URGENT ADVICE IS NEEDED , also a shower! haha! There's only so much dry-spray-shampoo i can use.

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I use Michael Moran, can't recall his co. name just now, he's very reliable and honest. He will charge VAT/issue invoice so if you're after a cheap cash job he's not your man. He's grew up just up the road - 07831298933.

there is a similar thread on boilers from yesterday - use Rob Murray 07803 014181....highly recommended, tell him I recommended him - v reliable and v thorough and basically trustworthy that your boiler is actually safe and working !!!

Another vote for Rob Murray.

Hi There,

I can recommend Plumbing care services. I use them at home and in my shop. They always do a great job. you can call them on 0203 286 2430. You can also have a look at their webpage which I think is www.plumbingcareservices.co.uk Best of luck - I'm sure they'll be able to help.


Rob from RJM 07803 014181 or Dave Wilson - Highline Heating. 07508 996466. Both good blokes & Corgi registered.

I would also recommend Dave from Highline Heating. He replaced our boiler. Not quite the cheapest quote but he's up front and honest I think, and very nice.

Mr Aardvark in Stroud Green. Totally reliable, even on a snowy day! Aardvark Heating

36 Ferme Park Road, London
020 8340 1553

When doing any gas work always call a registered Gas Engineer, he will have a Gas Safe Registration card with his photo on it, you can call Gas Safe to check https://engineers.gassaferegister.co.uk/Default.aspx that they are registered.

Hi, sounds like there is more wrong with your central heating system, maybe you could get a few estimates as to updating it, this boiler sounds dangerous if it keeps overheating, when you say that the engineer came in March is that March 2012 as thats 7 months after they had been there surely it could be that there are a number of things wrong with you central heating and plumbing situation.

In my 32 years with Flameout, we have always tried to be fair, trustworthy and very polite, using engineers who take the time to explain to our clients. Surely you are commenting from your personal perspective. I think its quite mean to say this about our reputable company.

There is obviously a lot wrong with your system but seriously I hope you have got someone in to sort the problem by now, brrrrrrrrrrrrr......

Just saying.....

Pete 07946521080, he installed our boiler and did an excellent job. He is v.reliable, conscientious and carries out a thorough job at v.reasonable rates. He comes highly recommended!



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