Harringay online

Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Services offered include: 

- Cleaning

- Painting / Decorating

- Gardening

- House moves / Heavy lifting / Furniture moving

- Flat pack assembly

Overall, I'll do general tasks you don't fancy doing or can't manage.

Good rates and so far very well reviewed from locals in Haringey and those further afield across a range of jobs. 

As well as the intro offer that TaskRabbit are offering of £10 off the first job, you'll get another £10 off using my referral code after hiring me. 

Head over to my profile to see what you can book me for: http://tr.co/james-h--33

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Hi James, are you happy to do jobs outside of Task Rabbit for cash?

If so, please let me know :)


Please pay the tax. It's needed to run the Nhs, schools and all the public services.

Hi Osbawn, I have absolutely no problem paying tax, and I totally agree with you! I just find TaskRabbit quite awkward for small jobs, and I don't really want 30% of what I pay to go to them when I don't really like the service they provide, and when I can find recommendations of local tradesmen on sites like this (and probably pay them at a better rate than they would achieve through TaskRabbit).

I'm not sure which tax you are referring to, but it's quite unusual to find handymen who are VAT registered, and they will be self-employed whether it's through Task Rabbit or direct.  I have little/no control over whether a self-employed person is declaring their income to HMRC or not and paying the correct amount of income tax, but obviously I would prefer it if they did! :)



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