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I do not normally see when the waste collection happens but as it happens today I was near the window as saw bins from outside my house (conversion) being taken out by one man and other two bins (from previous house) being put in their place.

You would say a bin is a bin BUT I clean the ones at the front of my house and was wondering why they get so filthy so quickly so now I know why.

Any point calling Veolia about that?

Not very happy to have stinky bins instead of the ones I cleaned only a week ago.

Yes, I could swap them back myself now but normally I am not at home at this time and would not like to have to do it every week.

Paint numbers on the leads?

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Painting numbers on lids and sides seems to work.

Thanks, will have to get some paint and do it...

happens most weeks that we're left with our neighbours bins and they get ours. the way in which we know this happens is that we have the number of our houses on them, so i would suggest that you do the same - then you can be sure you get yours back (or at least can retrieve them if they get delivered next door).

this should also deter anyone from swiping them now that Haringey Council/Veolia have imposed a £30 replacement fee for your refuse buns (see my previous thread about that: http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/replacement-wheelie-bin... )

You can buy custom cut numbers cheaply from many suppliers on eBay. Small ones for the lid and large ones on the front of the bin.

Easier and neater than painting.

Thanks Ed and Rob.

it is a house conversion, 3 flats but only I look after the “shared” stuff - no cooperation from others and no contribution ro any potential cost.

i have seen some nice bin wraps on Amazon I think - somw tome ago. May look them up agaon

Just ordered those

Bin Stickers

May order some of those type too 

Bin Stickers :)

... or not 

I had the same problem with the bins so last year I bought on amazon those house stickers and put one on each bin lid and front and no problems since! (  I also bought those flower and gnomes stickers but have not put them yet, maybe I will on the garden waste one when I will order it soon 

Veolia leave the bins on the pavement after taking them from our front garden to empty them each week.

I have called them to say please dont leave them blocking the way as we are near a school,  mums with prams, there is a blind person on our road and several elderly etc and the bins are a problem / blocking the pavement.....

I've been told tHe council pay us to empty the bins not to return them to where they found them..... so good luck.

We painted our house number on but because the bin is on the road it gets used by everyone - including dontractors dumping waste.

Rant over

Anyone got any ideas?

Linda, the contract with Veolia used to be completely clear. Their staff were required to return the emptied bins to the "curtilage" of the property.
When I was a councillor I sat on a committee at which this problem came up. In the discussion with reps from Veolia it became clear that they did not know the legal meaning of the word curtilage. Imagining it to be something like 'nearby' or 'adjacent to'.

Having once-upon-a-long-time-ago qualified and worked as a solicitor (t
hough not for very long) I was able to gently correct their misunderstanding. As you may well know, in summary it means the space inside the boundary showing land belonging to your home. Often that means inside the hedge, or fence, wall, or garden gate. They are supposed to return the bins to at least inside that boundary.

Of course, Haringey & Veolia may have agreed to vary that contract. That's something you can find out.  Do they still have the "village manager" system for Veolia? She or he would know and help you sort it out.

All the problems you mentioned are things I took up at some time. Bins on pavements getting filled by other people is dysfunctional for Veolia itself since they can end up with recycling bins contaminated with general waste.
One problem you didn't mention worried me the most. That's a bin on the pavement acting as a sign that nobody is home.

Please let other people on HoL know how you get on in solving this. And if you get no sensible solution, nag your councillors. And in May please tell your new councillors.

Dear Alan

Many thanks for getting back with this detailed and expert reponse. I have taken your points on board and written to Veolia (asking whether we have a Village manager) and also to the councilors (to confirm the details of the contract between Haringey and Veolia).  I will update this forum in due course. 

Again my sincere thanks for getting back and steering me on course to try and resolve this. 

All best wishes for the weekend

Dear Raj Sahota, Kirsten Hearn and Timothy Gallagher,

I am a local Stroud Green resident acting on behalf of the Woodstock Road Action Group. We have identified crime and grime as two issues on our agenda for 2018.

I understand that Veolia has a contract with Haringey council to empty and return our bins to the "curtilage" of our property.

Unfortunately rather than returning the bins to the space inside the boundary showing land belonging to our homes ("curtilage"), the bins on our street are left blocking up the pavements.

Can you confirm the terms of the contract between Haringey and Council to this effect please?

The impact of bins being left on our pavements by Haringey Council and its contracting partner Veolia are as follows:

a) Bins on pavements get filled by other people. This is dysfunctional for Veolia itself since these can end up with recycling bins contaminated with general waste. It doesn’t work for residents either because these bins can get labelled and then don’t get emptied
b) We have elderly and disable people living on our street (including blind people) - the bins can present a tripping hazard
c) There is a school on our road that encourages children (and guardians) to walk to school and the bins are just in the way - including a potential barrier for buggies and prams
d) A bin on the pavement may be seen as a sign that nobody is home

I look forward to hearing from you with detials of the terms of the contract between our Council and Veiola. We would be grateful if you could get back within the next 21 days.
All best wishes

Can you confirm the terms of the contract between Haringey and Council to this effect please?

Did you mean between Harringey Council and Veolia?

Surely made clear in the final para, Anka. 
In any case ward councillors should be used to taking an occasional typo in their stride.
Besides Raj is a lawyer, Tim works for an MP. And Kirsten? ... Well, have a look.



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