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This is the second time in a row now that Veolia have failed to collect our refuse.  Not just our's but our neighbours as well as far as I can see.

In the 3 years that we have lived here this has only started happening recently.  With a full household the bins are packed come Wednesday and every time we report this to Veolia they say they have had no complaints and that everything is running on schedule or they say they will come and get it the next day, however still no collection.

Last time out they didn't arrive till Saturday and by then our bins were overflowing.

Is anyone else having this problem?  

Is there more that can be done other than complaining to Veolia directly?  We pay enough in council tax to expect a certain level of service but it looks like Veolia's service levels have gone down the tube.

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I have this exact same problem too.

I made a complaint to veolia but have had no reply.

I asked for a larger bin to partially mitigate the problem.

No idea how to solve it.

To be fair to Veolia, at least in my limited experience they prefer to check. Not a bad thing to "go to the place".
For example they were sceptical that we could manage with a small - instead of a medium size - recycling bin. (We can.) They also know that some homes have particular problems with space for large bins. Or awkward steps. Or a garden flat. Or no separation from bins of neighbours who dump waste in green bins & "contaminate" recycling.

Having said all that, can I please again suggest your contacting the "Village" Manager. They're supposed to assess and try to solve these problems. Giving the systems a chance to work and - crucially - learn.

Thank you for replying. Who is the village manager? Are they a veolia employee?

We have a rather large front garden, which veolia have visited and deemed large enough. To be fair a large bin has arrived, but it was filthy and reeking. I told them I wouldn't need a large bin if they collected on time. When it's often 3 weeks between collections I do.

Which person? I don't know where you live Natasha.
Yes, "Village Managers" are Veolia employees. So ring Veolia and ask for the person's name and contact details.
No result? You might try Haringey's Assistant Director, Stephen McDonnell: stephen.mcdonnell@haringey.gov.uk

Well look were we are, Veolia missed out bins again this week.  This is getting beyond frustrating now as its now about the 4th time its happened.

I am tired of complaining to Veolia (although we did as they need to arrange to collect our bins).  Where do they expect us to put our refuse if they don't collect our bins which are always full after two weeks?

Something really needs to be done about this.  That bullsh*t  letter about following the truck for a month surely doesn't happen and is just a generic reply they send out.

As you'll see on page 1 of this thread, when I complained about non-collection of food waste, I was told that the food collection lorry would be followed by an 'inspector' to check they had been emptying my bins. I saw the guy a couple of times. So I can confirm that it was happening, in my case at least.

This last week my garden refuse wasn't collected. So I rang again. I mentioned the existing issue with food collection and was told that the food collection is currently 'under investigation'. ( .....and they came to collect my garden waste today). 

Good to know you saw him Hugh, I do remember reading that.

I would really like to understand why it is that they are not collecting our bins.  There is nothing obstructing them, they were not overflowing, there is zero excuse.



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