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I have ordered new wheelie bins for over a month now!! Every time I call they promise another date of delivery. This passes and I see no bins. I call again, same story. We are accumulating waste bags, that are not collected because they are not in a bin.

I have also tried to contact the manager. She is incidentally never available when I call (either not in or in meetings). They promise me on the phone that she will call me back when she is free. But she doesn't - it's been a week now.

Am I the only one that has these kind of problems with Veolia? What does it take to convince them what we all pay them to do? Is there a way for the council to take action? Because they don't seem to be delivering what they promised! - I don't have access to the contract, but I'm sure it's violated.

What's the best way to complain to get things done?

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I think part of the problem must be that they are organised in area based teams. I've always had a good service from them but the story is obviously not the same for all

I am still waiting for them to bring the wheelie bins. And still waiting for the manager "Ruth" to call me back.

And the garbage bags are accumulating outside the building.

I've been trying to get them to clear up this mess on Dongola rd for weeks now!


Do you know who owns it, Warren? Has anyone looked up the Council's "Terrier"? (The master land record.)

It looks like gated private land. (Possibly at the southern end of the road?) In which case it's Haringey Enforcement not Veolia who have to take the initiative.

Have you contacted your ward councillors? One of them Cllr Stuart McNamara is the "cabinet" member.

Thanks - am doing so now.

Think it must be private - doesn't show up as a road on google maps...

It wouldn't necessarily be on Google, Warren.  The Council owns some patches of alley land.

But at first glance my guess is private land. In which case, when you've reported it, has anyone in Haringey explained what they have done?  And what further steps they have to take? Discovering and talking to the owner(s). Serving notices etc. etc.?

I'm told by a Barnet resident that the photo (left) is one of the motivational posters that Nick Walkley their former and now our Chief Excutive had framed and displayed in the toilets in Barnet.

Obviously with the problem you face, they can't get it right first time if that means immediately going on private land without knowing who owns it; without permission; and then cleaning it up at the public expense. Nor will the solution "stick" if people continue to dump.

But they can  keep customers residents informed and involved.

In this instance, Gordon T, even a Tory candidate may be partially right. I have the old photos.

Although, Betty Careless, that's not to condone the current failings you list.

An old anecdote which may amuse you. When a councillor, I was once at a meeting when one of the waste contractors explained that their agreement with Haringey legally required them to return bins to within the curtilage of each dwelling house. Which they thought meant just outside on the pavement. Luckily, having once-upon-a-misty-mostly-forgotten time in the last century, been a lawyer, I was able to correct this mistake. I did enjoy that.

So should you. Raise your voice; stay on their case!

I experienced the same thing when I was waiting for a replacement food bin. I must have called them 3/4 times over a two week period. I decided to email them and I had the bin delivered in 2 days time. I always put my complaint in writing now and I seem to get a much better response.

Good luck

Thanks, I'll try that

I have tried the email route to get my replacement food bin. It has now been five months and several job reference numbers, various suggestions that someone or another will give it immediate attention.  But nothing yet... I remain optimistic.

Try copying your correspondence: printing out the key documents in a font not too small to read and with a nice frame. Then going to River Park House and blue-tacking it to the inside of the toilet door nearest Nick Walkley's office.


Any progress, David V?  (Aside from my direct action shaming suggestion.)

I wonder, did you get any explanation of why they don't keep their promises? For instance, is there some possible explanation that makes your home difficult to reach? I ask because I saw a tweet from someone named Brigitte Herrod who by September also had five months delay. Maybe you are neighbours and there's a common problem you and others can take up collectively with Veolia and and/or through your ward councillors?

Brigitte Herrod also said that Veolia won't let her pick one up. Nor use her own container.

While we're considering Veolia's failings, It's really unhelpful that their Collection Day Finder (aka "Postcode Lookup Service) hasn't been working for many months.  Okay, I know you can just ask one of your neighbours. But having the online facility seems sensible.

They know about this problem which they describe as "a major technical fault". Adding that: "it been escalated to our Worldwide Tech Team for their investigation".

Embarrassing for Veolia as a well-resourced international company which is "Resourcing the world"  and "Leading the circular economy".  Also for Haringey Council, of course.



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