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I have ordered new wheelie bins for over a month now!! Every time I call they promise another date of delivery. This passes and I see no bins. I call again, same story. We are accumulating waste bags, that are not collected because they are not in a bin.

I have also tried to contact the manager. She is incidentally never available when I call (either not in or in meetings). They promise me on the phone that she will call me back when she is free. But she doesn't - it's been a week now.

Am I the only one that has these kind of problems with Veolia? What does it take to convince them what we all pay them to do? Is there a way for the council to take action? Because they don't seem to be delivering what they promised! - I don't have access to the contract, but I'm sure it's violated.

What's the best way to complain to get things done?

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After a month and a half of waiting and nagging them, the bins were finally delivered!!!

That was few days after I emailed them, so Sophie Dorman could be right that this is the most effective way.

Needless to say that the manager "Ruth" never called, dispute of being promised multiple times that she would.

A bit of good news.  After many months failing to work,  Veolia's online Collection Day Finder is operating again.

According to Veolia's website the problem was due to "a major technical fault" ... "escalated to our Worldwide Tech Team for their investigation".

As you'll see from the screengrab, as well as admitting the fault they thanked people for their "continued patience" during some "severe technical difficulties." 

Had the news been issued by Haringey I imagine its Propaganda Unit would have announced that cutting the Finder was a saving and a service improvement made in accordance with the views of our residents, and helping to provide "world class" regenerated bins.



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