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I have ordered new wheelie bins for over a month now!! Every time I call they promise another date of delivery. This passes and I see no bins. I call again, same story. We are accumulating waste bags, that are not collected because they are not in a bin.

I have also tried to contact the manager. She is incidentally never available when I call (either not in or in meetings). They promise me on the phone that she will call me back when she is free. But she doesn't - it's been a week now.

Am I the only one that has these kind of problems with Veolia? What does it take to convince them what we all pay them to do? Is there a way for the council to take action? Because they don't seem to be delivering what they promised! - I don't have access to the contract, but I'm sure it's violated.

What's the best way to complain to get things done?

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They are terrible. Veolia are suppose to clean our street twice a week, we are lucky if we see them once a month.
I also ordered new bins nearly a month ago. I was told they would arrive in 10-15 days, which i thought was not very ambitious. But still no sign of them. I thought these privatised contracts were meant to deliver much better service than the old council- run operation. It seems we were misled about that as well. Ho-hum!!

They are appalling! They keep on missing collection in our area as we are a new development and we keep on calling and complaining. They have been a real nightmare since we moved here 6 months ago! If you go to Brunswick park and surrounding streets you'll see mountains of garbage! I am very concern about rats and other issues related to this poor service and the council just seem not to care.

In the interest of fairness, I would like to report a different experience re replacement bins. I emailed Veolia <enquiries.haringey@veolia.com> on September 13th, a Sunday, to report that somebody had stolen my small green recycling bin. I had an acknowledgement on the same day, and somebody from Veolia actually came round the next day and knocked on my door to confirm that they would deliver a new one. I think the personal visit was to check that I actually had room for a bin, and didn't already have one.  A replcement bin was delievered about a week later.

[Having said that, I still had to run down the road after the recycling lorry last week with my food waste that they had neglected to take.]


Use the on-line complaints form on the Council website. Complaining in this way to the Council will ensure they are on to Veolia like a rash. I did and the problem was sorted very quickly. I have to say though, it's taken me ages to work out which link to click - the new website is very unfriendly: 


Thank you! I've done before and I've just done again now.

I have already done that. It took Haringey 1 week to acknowledge my complaint, and that was yesterday. Let's see how this will progress...

I have found Veolia to be very good in my area.

They provide a much better street cleaning service compared to what the council provided before. There are always plenty of street cleaners to be seen out on the roads when I drive around Haringey.

When I had issues with my bin collection they responded quickly and were easy to speak to on the phone. There are phone apps and websites to contact them and from what I've heard from neighbours they work. I've never met anyone with a complaint about Veolia's service although they are not perfect.

I've noticed how some people don't like the fact the refuse service has been privatised by the council and would like to see Veolia sacked with the service returned to council control. Beware of them.

I believe a private company could be better than the council itself.

That is as long as the council behaves as a client, i.e. demanding a good service, with potential compensation from the service provider when they don't deliver.

I am glad to hear that in some areas the service may not be that bad but you should around Seven Sisters and have a look for yourself. I've lived in lambeth before and the cleanliness standard of the streets is not comparable (and indeed it is one of the first thing that my visitors note). It is really a shame as I love the area and its landscape is more beautiful than many other areas in London but unfortunately the filthiness just spoils it all.

Must be different bitnod seven sisters because I found veolia were excellent compared to the previous service. And always responded quickly if you raised an issue via there website or call centre. How ever the commercial waste on west green road remains appalling, as it was under the previous contractor so no improvement there.

If someone is trying to make a profit unless there is real competition and they are being continually held to account by their customer it encourages them to cut corners and on current evidence Veolia are providing the most basic service they can possibly get away with- things like leaving the bins out on the street instead of returning them to people's gardens, not collecting food waste and leaving gardens strewn with rubbish.  Personally I don't find that particularly good value for money.



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