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What is point in spending £75 a year on the Garden Waste service if those charlatans don't bother picking it up?

Outsourcing shite. 

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As you’ve handed over your money for this I’m assuming you’ve both entered into some kind of contract - although I can’t see any contract on either the Haringey website or Veolia’s.  Make sure you keep a note of non-collection and write to demand a refund for the missed ones.  That might stir them a bit.

 that's exactly what I'm doing. they really are hopeless. 

I ordered the bio bags @ £55 on Tuesday and got them delivered this morning. They confirmed to me that collection is weekly...

yup, we that's what they told me. 

Mine was collected this week but was not the previous two weeks.  The difference seems to be that this week I moved the brown bin right to the edge of my property.  Which I know you are supposed to do with all collections anyway but it has never stopped  my other wheelie bins being collected.  I have noticed the food bin also does not get collected if I don't move it right to the front.  I would put it down to a mixture of lazy collectors not bothering to take more than two steps onto the property, and perhaps their assuming that if it is not in easy sight then perhaps I do not have one (plenty of people don't have food waste bins or brown bins, after all).  While it is a common scapegoat I don't think you can blame outsourcing for this.  Ultimately the bins are collected by bin collectors, i.e. the people who do the job.  In reality, these are the same people who would do the job if the council serviced the collections directly (and probably did if there at the time of the outsourcing).  Are outsourcing services always great or better?  No.  Do I believe the bin man would take more than two steps onto my property to locate the brown bin if his employer was the council rather than Veolia?  No.  



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