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My Virgin phone line has been dead for three days, apparently due to a local fault. (The website helpfully suggested I 'call Virgin' if my phone wasn't working...) Luckily I also have a mobile but the house phone is my business number, and of course I am paying for it.

Anyone else have this problem?  It was supposed to be back on today but isn't yet working - I had an engineer come out today to repair the broadband connection, an apparently unrelated problem to do with worn out cable at my end, and he said he'd spoken to a few people with phone issues.

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Mine was out on Tuesday afternoon, the 'online check' said it was working however this was contradicted by the Virgin operator checking the line; it came back around midnight.

My phone is back on now, and the internet connection fixed - so my laptop charger decided this was the moment to pack up!

There was a Virgin engineer out front today who was untangling and removing the "too many" wires under our road, as they can't get at the ones they need to ment. Hope he doesn't accidentally unplug something else...

Yes I know someone near Mornington Crescent with the same problem.

Yes. Had no phone since Monday. Make sure to report as you may get money back in your bill. 



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