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I do not often need permits and had a folder full which I have come to use this week as we are having some roof work done and they ran out last year.  We have tried to get through the phone and emailed and not having any luck.  Can you still go to the Library and queue and get them in person as I need to get hold of about 10 days worth.

As I understand the ones I have I just lose as well?  What I don't understand is that this is not made easy and you can't buy in too much bulk in case you don't use and they will not swap.  I do not understand how this process can still be so painful.

Thanks for any help or ideas.


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This route, though the councillor, doesn't seem related to TMO, though I did quote that. What a palaver. You can't hand in the envelope at Alexandra HOuse. Has to be taken to Customer Services in WG library, so just went there, waited in line a bit but did eventually get a receipt. They need to get their story straight on this as there's quite a variation in  responses from different staff. We should all challenge their refusals to exchange, as this is not an honest way for the Council to make money! 

Dear Councillor Mitchell 

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that expired visitor vouchers can either be refunded or exchanged.

The expired vouchers should be sent to the following address, marked for the attention of Mayglen Griffith, with a covering letter and the replacements will be mailed to your constituent usually within 5 working days. 

Haringey Parking Permits

3rd Floor

Alexandra House

10 Station Road


Just to let you know all know my new permits came by special delivery today so that was quick. This demonstrates that we can get our permits exchanged and the Council should not be fobbing people off with this 'will not be exchanged' rubbish! Thanks to everyone here for your suggestions and comments!

Wow that was good.  I'm still waiting for mine.  I finally got sent a new residents number after my email 9 days later as apparently my original one did not work.  I then applied online and money was taken on the 6th and still nothing.  My builders have been and gone and replaced the roof in the time that this has taken. Really poor.  I will send my other ones back as suggested though.  Thanks all

The plot thickens. I have just received an email from an 'Information Governance Officer' at Haringey Council that says:

"The Council’s policy and legal position is set out in the Traffic Management Orders, which stipulate that Visitor Permit holders may ask for refund of expired Visitors Permits and are entitled to a refund of the charge made at the time of purchase. There is no requirement for exchanges of expired permits.

We are in the process of removing any reference to ‘We have a no refund or exchanges policy for visitor permits’ from our visitors permit section on our webpage as this is what was identified as the culprit surrounding the confusion in the first place. Moving forwards, this will hopefully clarify both our position and yours as a residents on this matter.

In regards to your existing visitor permits, providing they are in respect of your address within the respective Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) we of course will enable residents to use these for the remaining time left on them (this includes the 2 hour permits). If the permits that you withhold do not get used up and expire then as mentioned above you are entitled to a refund of the charge made at the time of purchase. All you would need to do is return the unused permits to our permits team at the address below and briefly explain that you would like a refund, it may be helpful if you could leave your contact details so that they can contact you if necessary.

FAO Permits Team,

Level 3,

Alexandra House,

10, Station Road,

Wood Green,

London N22 7TR"

It seems they will actually exchange permits (rather than refund if requested), despite the info above, from the experience of others, and also according to a separate email I got from the Permits team. Arses and Elbows comes to mind! :)

Katie K

Thank you for following up with the Council, Roslyn and Katie. 

So, I'm left to conclude that what I dug up still holds true, that the clause about refunds has not been revoked. 

Of course it could also be that the staff are as tied up in knots and as confused as we are and it all depends on who happens to respond to you and how they're feeling that day. So, as you say, Katie, it is worth pressing your point. In the meantime, whatever the legal status is, the effect of this Brexit-style Brit-mess is that residents don't seek a refund and the Council is quids in. Poor show, I say.

Agree, Hugh.... and quite likely what you suggest as no interaction with them has led to them even alluding to the TMO.

For the latest Haringey parking debacle, see my newly added post



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