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Does anyone have x2 visitors daily parking permits I could purchase? I have my sister visiting next week and Haringey council still haven't got back to me about buying some permits. I live on the ladder.



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No but i just renewed my permit at wood green library and it took ten minutes! Open 9-5. Very efficient.

Got some there for the first time too. Advised not to go on a Monday...like I did....long wait!

Thanks Sam, good inside knowledge! 

I'm not sure you can do that when you aren't already registered but I will give them a call to find out if I can. Thanks

Lisa I think you have to say which CPZ zone you're in."  On the ladder " could mean Wood Green Zone or Green Lanes Zone. Good luck.

Im on Duckett Road, zone GLA

If you are Green Lanes Zone A I could let you have 2 day's worth of 2 hour vouchers (they work out cheaper than the daily ones anyway)....

Hi Antoinette, Im in zone A too but my road is restricted from 8.30am - 6.30pm and we would need the car to be covered all day for 2 days. Thanks for the offer of 2 hour ticket though. 

I've got some daily permits if you need them.

I do, covering GL A and B....if you still want need them email me -raline5@hotmail
and I'll check them in more detail.



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