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I'm experimenting with grafting onto my trees.

If you have any good eating apples (other than Braeburn) and good plums (other than Seneca) and are happy to spare a small cutting of last year's growth, please send me a message.

Thanks in advance.


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I did some grafting a couple of weeks ago and glad to say it looks like they've taken. I have a few apples from coxs to russet, and a nice yellow plum, can't remember the name but its written down somewhere. So if thats any good we can organise a time.

HiI Maggie,

That's great. I grafted cherries last year with success.

Both Cox and yellow plum are good.

When would be the best time to visit and take a couple of cuttings?



I'll PM.


I have a fan trained quetsch plum that is just coming into flower. 

How would you carry out the cuts? For plum you shouldn't prune until into the warmer season to avoid disease.



You are right about the pruning; however taking a small cutting with pre-cleaned secateurs won't make any damage.

Another member here has kindly offered a few cuttings so I should be good for now.

Many thanks anyway.




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