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Hi everyone, I hope you're all coping out there during this crisis. 

I wondered if anyone had any plants they'd be happy to leave cuttings for - obviously I could come and pick them up from a doorstep/at a safe distance while either en route to grocery shopping or exercise, we're in the Westbury Ave area. Ideal would be peppermint, basil, parsley - any herbs as they'll grow quickly. But any seasoned gardeners out there might have some better suggestions! Also haven't had a trip to a big supermarket yet but wondered if anyone had spotted chilli plants on their outings? 

I know everyone will be wanting to 'grow their own' now so perhaps not. 

Thought I'd ask anyway, and if we manage to successfully grow anything we'd be happy to provide our own cuttings in the future to anyone who wants them!

Take care everyone,


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Chilli plants are pretty easy to grow from seeds if you have any fresh chillies at home. 

Have a Hebe plant and small apple tree if interested, I’m Haringay Ladder


Not quite herbs but you can grow tomato plants from tomatoes you buy - organic is better, just put one slice with seeds inside in the compost and it will grow a tomato plant.

Same with a lot of other vegetables, lots of info on youtube if you want to look it up.

Thanks for all your messages. I didn't think it was possible to produce fruit from the seed of another fruit, has anyone done this successfully? I'm sure you can tell, novice gardener here! 



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